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To get this out of the way, this is not a FiveM server modification, so if you’re a server owner looking for modifications for your FiveM server, then you can go ahead and continue on because this isn’t for you. (Also LUA devs can move on too it’s C#)

Native Compiler

By BlockBa5her

informational information

What is it?

Native compiler is a simple executable I made in C# that downloads the webpage version of the FiveM natives reference, and then turns it all into a .cs file that can be easily put into your modification to help you find the native you need.

Why should I use it?

Because, this wasn’t hand written so that if it is ever outdated you can just recompile it (unless FiveM decides to change their Natives Web Page layout). It’s also easy to find the natives you need FAST with the right parameters.

If I use the compiler, will it work straight off the bat?

Yes! I made this script to “translate” all of the C++ junk into nice managed C# readable stuff. This should be compiled right off the bat and work. I made this to be easy to use and simple setup.

Does it include ALL natives?

Yes, it includes both a server and a client native sheet for all of y’all.


(Honestly not much, it just opens a console window and spits out 2 files)


You can go straight to the download page by clicking here
You can look at my code n stuff by clicking here

My experience:

My experience with using the Native Compiler is it works with all but a small few natives. These are usually natives that you not yet implemented (but are still compiled because I don’t check for that stuff), but still put in the code. Just make sure to do a little research first before you download.


… what, but why?

There’s already the CitizenFX.Core.Native.API class that does the exact same… :confused:

Using server natives with C#

i was bored. i just wanted to do something.


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Using server natives with C#

I have to say, this is really well done, it works perfekt :slight_smile: If you’re bored next time please compile all the events to c#