[Release] Bxbugs123´s Charger



Hello here is my first Release, its Bxbuggs Charger
i did NOT make this car all credit goes to Bxbugs123
link " http://www.lcpdfr.com/profile/940-bxbugs123/content/?type=downloads_file "

Download " https://drive.google.com/open?id=17dWueGz3OQ7yqjGcM9UKaWKL4X8b1uyZ "




Looks GOOD!!!


Thanks Mumin

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A suggestion for next vehicle pack!!!

(If u want)


Will look at it (;
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Already released on the forums.


would love to @Mumin_Khan but im not that good at ELS cars
but will look at it


you should do the his CVPI next


possible to make it an add-on?




My lights are broken


Could you make his LASD slicktop CVPI?


Can you make the lights blue without them breaking?


i really dont know why it does that


Its fine I got it now I used the original blue light carcols and changed the carvariations


My lights are broken there are everywhere. Does someone know how to fix this?