[Release] Burglary job/script


So some ideas to make it more RP driven and less “game” like feeling

When you are inside and wake up the resident have them call the cops have it tell you they call the cops have it drop the item you are holding but NOT end the mission or clear the items out of the truck that you already stole. that way u can leave get in ur truck wait out the timer and get paid or go to another house “no reason your items in your truck should go poof yet unless a officer cuffs you then end the mission and clear items stolen”

Bring items to a pawn shop i know i have seen some suggest this alredy

what i think would improve it more for RP either have custom editable times in the config for people to set when people can and cant rob better and maybe take out the flashing full screen u fail or robbery started and make it smaller off to the side so it feels more role play driven and less mini game


You could remove the following if statements
and https://github.com/TheIndra55/fivem-burglary/blob/master/burglary/gameplay/busted.lua#L8

But you need to manually add a key or something to end it


Cool ideas i’ll add it to my todo list :smile:


Hi! I’m using esx_properties and when I’m in my own house between 0:00-5:30 the yellow blip appears in my house without asking. Can you make it to only appear when I started or when I entered the house entered blip? 'cuz I can’t leave normally my house because if I touch the yellow circle it spawns me to Franklin’s house. So I want you to please make it only useable/seeable when you have started the job.


Hey they link you send is that removed the time on them?


Will look into it tommorow


Upon testing this further, there is an issue with instances involving esx_properties. If you buy a property the instance shows up for the burglary shows up in your apartment, which causes you to go invisible. Awesome script it was a lot of fun, but will be pulling this for the time being from my server.


This should be fixed in the latest commit, it’s not a release yet will do that later today. You can use the “clone or download” option on github


Ok first … i love your work and thanks for releasing it

i have a little bug here
everything work for me… but sometime the marker behind the truck not showing…
Also im the only one that can see the marker…
Other player ingame trying to see the marker behind the truck never see it…


I have problem, I enter with my car and I have item in my hand=D


looks like you have more than one problem on your server…


Maybe don’t enter the vehicle while holding a item :stuck_out_tongue:

I will fix this soon


Hey, i have one problem. The marker dont appear behind the boxville van. So i cannot delivery the items. I only need esx_burglary or i need the 2 folders in download?


Any errors in F8 console?




You need both folders and you need to start them both. esx_burglary is just a script that listens for events that get sent by burglary


Ok i did that but about the marker what can i do?


same problem… i think when spawn its doesnt work properly… maybe be the owner of it would help… not sure


thats what happen to me. :frowning:


Do you have any repro for that issue? if not i have to find the cause of it