[Release] Burglary job/script


Clearly you’ve never been to Brazil.


i had to erase the if entitydead failed thing
cause if i die once… script doesnt let us burglar again… and it failed whatever we do.


haha :rofl:
and perfect realise !


Beware of this script. After adding the ESX edits starting this script completely lagged out our server latency. Had to remove the script and do a restart. Nobody could even speak in chat.

EDIT: Is possible that it was conflicting with another of my servers scripts.


I’ll look into that

Cool idea, i’ll try to see if i can add it

I’ll also look into that

I’ve tested this script on a ESX server and didn’t had any lag, might it be your server?


I could possibly be conflicting with something or I did something wrong when implementing it. All I know is when I went to start the script, the server lagged to hell. Never had another script do this and I don’t believe it was a coincidence. But yeah.


The server or the client? You got to help the creator out here. Provide reproducible steps and information like resource latency etc.


The entire server lagged out. People were still able to speak, move around, etc. But no actual server side things would work, for example talking in the chat, taking vehicles out of the garage, etc.


Fixed some bugs in latest commit which were reported above, i will look into the ESX issue soon

Edit: Couldn’t really reproduce this issue on another ESX server, however found another issue with the “Your van got destroyed.” check if you’re not the host/more people online so i removed this check for now


So do we need ESX or is it a standalone? :thinking:


Script itself is standalone, the esx_burglary script is to make it work with ESX, like giving money and alerting police


Thank you for this TheIndra. I also wanted to thank you for going to extra effort and putting an ESX version in.


someone else got the issue that i cant bring my items to the van.
i can leave the house but there is no marker where i can put my items in the van.

maybe because i used a admin command “spawned” boxville?


make sure there is enought space when park for marker…
i had this issue yesterday… then i move the truck and marker appear again.


the truck was standing on the street.
but now i tried with a bought truck and it worked.

i think it will not work with any spawned boxville


i tried with spawned one about 30 tims i had the issue only once.

I Download v1.1
EveryThings works and seems ok.
No Issue Yet
ESX work pretty well

Little Idea here:
is it possible for the marker of the boxville to be inside the truck… This way we have to open backdoor to see it and recolt item in it and not on the floor…

Again i have to say… One of my favorite script… have a lot of fun play with it and my community too.


any chance u can help me make it start earlier in the day or point me to were time is im unsure why im having so much issue editing that part


same problem… whatever number we put to replace 0… it still start at 0:00


I’ll look into it, i have a checklist of things i want to add so i’ll also add this and check it later

This is probably because of the calculations used as im converting min/hours/sec to sec and at 0:00 a new day starts


Hey is it posible to remove the time soo it could be robbed when ever the player want too rob the houses