[Release] Burglary job/script


Today I’m releasing this Burglary script which i have been working on for the last couple of days

This script gives the Player the possibility to rob houses at night, it can steal items from residents and they will be selled at the end of the night. If the player gets busted by residents it will fail the mission.

To start the player has to find a boxville vehicle (make sure your players is able to get one ingame) then after midnight the player is able to press E and has a time period from 0:00am - 5:30am. The player can enter a couple of configured houses and steal items.

This is an standalone script which should work without any dependencies, for esx read below.


The git repo contains an esx_burglary folder which listens for the right events and makes it compatible with ESX so the user gets black money, it will also alert all cops about an active burglary.

The script contains an rich config for settings houses, doors, pickups and residents which can be found in houses.lua, should be pretty self explanatory.

Github Repo

Residents can pretty easy hear you so always sneak, also residents and pickups/prop aren’t networked

Special thanks to
@throwarray for ideas and code snippets


Ooooo noice! Great idea


i really have to give it a try.

Is it a job… or.anyone can be a burglar at night?


Anyone can be, but only police gets the alert if someone gets caught (if esx implementation is used)


I don’t think anyone is a burglar by legal profession :rofl:

Good job @TheIndra! How about you post those awesome vids you showed me? :heart_eyes:


Exited to test this!


Awesome release, looking forward to testing it out!


work great.

love it
will work on this and ill add more house
already rob 2 house and its so cool…
im surprise. This is a 5 star release.


That’s nice to hear thank you :smile:


How i can pickup items?


press “E”
enjoy little thief…


Added video :slightly_smiling_face: just recorded it with the latest version


Neat, this actually reminds me a lot of the GTA:SA mission you can do with the boxvile :smiley:

What I can tell from the video, would it be possible to add like a “noise” or “suspicion” meter?]

Great job btw!


Thanks, and thanks for the suggestion i’ll try to look into it :smile:


You should have them go to one of the 2 pawn shops in the city at night and be able to fence your stolen goods there. There is one by the vanilla unicorn and one near bahama mamas. Love the script so far, thanks for releasing this!


if i wanted them to beable to start robbing at like 9 pm? what part would i have to change? i tryd changing the time check 0 to 21 for 21:00 hours i tryd 21:00 and i tryd 9 dose not seem to work?


i did see my noise foot step on minimap…
also what is the yellow bar that appear beside health?
Appear when doing some burglary


btw it seems like in the ESX version atleast if u can fix when u get items into your van and it says u say have like 6 items? 7 items the items dont matter but when a cop arrests me it says i failed and its over then when the sun comes up and it ends it sells the items? even tho it ended and i failed? and i get money… lol so if we could fix that be amazing


same here.


a police man should not steal