[Release] BMW M4 GTS Liberty Walk Converted


Hi everyone, I just wanted to share with you this car because I think it’s cool and you would like it.
All credits goes to the creator Rmod Customs, you can find the original car here.





Info (from the original page)

All regular car functions
HQ Interior
HQ Exterior
3D Engine
US Plate
3D Suspension
Animated Engine&Exhaust
Custom handling
Custom Rim: Forgiato Maglia ECL
Hidden surprise in trunk!

Tuning Parts: 19
3 Exhaust
10 Spoiler
1 Bonnet
4 Roof Spoiler
1 GTS Interior with Rollcage
LB Stickers as Extra 1-4

Primary Color: Body
Secondary Color: Interior
Wheel Color: Rims (via trainer)


  • Download the RAR
  • Extract the rmodm4gts folder and copy it in your resources/ folder
  • Add start rmodm4gts in your server.cfg
  • Spawn the car using the model name rmodm4gts

Tuning Parts & Liveries

  • Use a trainer or enter in Los Santos Customs to change vehicle parts
  • Use a trainer to change liveries


Creator: Rmod Customs


[Release] 8in1 pack add-on car converted
[Advice] Add On Cars

Hi I wanted to know how you did to do this.
would it be possible to have a movie or photographs for this wonderful thing that you did.
vehicle_names.lua (1.0 KB)

https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2013-audi-r8-v10-ppi-razor-tuning-add-on or


Hello, what do you mean? Photographs? I posted 3 screenshots.


of the photographs how you found this, because I compared to the files of the file I do not find this (‘0x0A8F2C48’, ‘GT-R BenSopra’) :

AddTextEntry(‘0x0A8F2C48’, ‘GT-R BenSopra’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x0CB85AD2’, ‘RoofHood’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x1FA53912’, ‘Carbon & Carbon Lip’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x2EAF5722’, ‘Original GTS Spoiler’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x3B2EF025’, ‘GT-R LB Works’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x3C7DF2BF’, ‘Lifted Spoiler’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x11E39D8F’, ‘GTS & Carbon Lip’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x11FE655E’, ‘Window Spoiler’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x30F0DBA9’, ‘GT-R’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x37B789DE’, ‘M4 GTS Liberty Walk’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x202D01BB’, ‘Spikes’)
AddTextEntry(‘0x4949A7F8’, ‘BMW’)
AddTextEntry(‘0xA85DF262’, ‘GTS Hood’)
AddTextEntry(‘0xB6A337F7’, ‘GTS Interior SidePanelRight’)
AddTextEntry(‘0xB1015BC8’, ‘Carbon Lip’)
AddTextEntry(‘0xBB0F40CF’, ‘GTS Interior SidePanelLeft’)
AddTextEntry(‘0xCA450E4F’, ‘Carbon’)
AddTextEntry(‘0xD7B6A932’, ‘LB Works’)
AddTextEntry(‘0xFE72BE47’, ‘All Combined’)

thanks in advance


is what you can the Lykan please?
My Email: Dim666@hotmail.com


You can find all those codes in the dlc.rpf in data/lang folder. You have to copy everything in the vehicles_names.lua as I did.

If you want I can convert and release the Lykan add-on.


Hi, if there is no data/lang folder ind th dlc.rpf, is there a way to make them your self?


in this car there are not lang for ‘lykan’


Actually I didn’t try to make them by myself. I think you need to convert that hash to find out what it does mean and where you can get it for new models.

In the lang folder there a lot of files, each of them for different languages. You take yours and open it, then copy what’s inside in the vehicles_names.lua as I did. It should works.


how to convert this hash stp because it’s boring


Googleit. Btw I never had to create them, so I don’t know if it will work.


Hi mate, thanks, i found out how to do teh haseh numbers


hi explains how to do after you are stp test. how to make Haseh numbers


In the lykan there is nothing


I’ll check that by myself as soon as I’m home. If there’s no lang file, you should try skip this step and check if vehicle can be spawned correctly in-game.


I thank you in advance? it’s super cool


you have my email so we can see here


Hi, I fixed it but I decided to make that a Release, here’s the link.


How did you get the tuning to work? Is it just the vehicle_names, carvariations, and carcols that control that or what?


There is something wrong with nofile.io I try and down load it it changes the url to

I tell it to add to my dropbox it only sends 14 kb on this car and the Ferrari 458