[RELEASE] Blaine County Sheriff's Skins



You need the orginal pack to get the templates

im here

Buy the pack and then you get the templates :slight_smile:

and if you use the orginal cars from xbr and not leaked cars then you get the templates for xbr


If you buy the xbr vehicles you risk getting your server blacklisted. Just fyi.


Hey, d0p3t out of curiosity my friends keeps on asking me but he downloaded the leaked vechicles does that counn’t as him buying XBR Vehicles because he didn’t buy them


If he uses that then he is using stolen content. That’s also not allowed.


I just make lieries for them. My and my friend use bxbugs123 cars and fire trucks from LSPDFR and GTA5MODS


How do u use these or add them? Is it in a folder or not?