[Release] Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack (Add-On) (Non-ELS)



Do all of the vehicles have enviromental lighting?


Hello! Is there a way to make the Tahoe light red and blues?


Hey, do you have anymore of these cars with the same livery, im looking for an F250 or f350 with the marked livery, or a Ford raptor just some things along those lines


is there a way to make these els?


Lspdfr.com they have anything you want.


Do you still have/know where to find that 13 Charger template? Finally found a good Charger and can’t find the template for it anywhere lol


Ill see if I still have it. If i do, ill send it to you.


Fingers crossed. Been looking all over and have yet to find a match. Thanks for the reply.


Does anyone have a handling pack for these? they are way slower than alot of civ cars


I have added them in just like the instructions tell me to but when I spawn the it crashes my game and says it can’t find that specif vehicle’s .ytd file. I have cleared my server cache and they still crash the game and do the same thing any way someone can help me with this?


awesome pack, been using it with mutitple skins, just wondering is there someway to download it again and change the second copy’s spawn names so i can use the vehicles in mutliple departments.


Yes, I believe you would be able to do that you would just need to change the spawn name on the vehicle files and meta files. Don’t take my word for it though because I’m not sure.


can anyone help me? i added the pack and put the thingy in the config for it to load but i cant spawn anything in


What does it say when you try to spawn them


nothing in the console it says error and it cand find the pack


Ok I might be able to help you add me on discord @devon26253#8009


Do you know what you did wrong?


I’m looking for someone to skin these cars please join our discord and contact us. https://discord.gg/9MUXrWD