[Release] Blaine County Sheriff's Office Pack (Add-On) (Non-ELS)



I have converted many LEO Vehicles, to Add On, and Reskined them, to fit a certain theme.

Installation Guide:

Download the file below.
Add the “sfjrp_bcsopack” to your Resources
“start sfjrp_bcsopack” to your server.cfg autostart list

DOWNLOAD LINK HERE: https://goo.gl/wRX7ut

ALL credit to Original Developers for the Vehicles. Here are the original downloads:



SouthernFuture#1231 (Not accepting DMs)

SFJRP no longer uses these vehicles:

Does anyone have a non-els pack they can share
[wanted] POLICE/SHERIFF/HIGHWAY Vehicle Pack

SFBC1 - 2016 Explorer
SFBC2 - 2013 Charger
SFBC3 - 2013 Tahoe
SFBC4 - CVPI (Slicktop or Argent)
SFBC5 - Valor Explorer

SFUM1 - 2015 Tahoe Unmarked
SFUM2 - 2011 CVPI Unmarked

SFTSU - Traffic Services F350 for Civilians


You’re honestly a legend.


so on here you have put start sfjrp_bcso" to your server.cfg autostart list but on the read me it says start sfjrp_bcsopack
to your AutoStart Resources, in server.cfg witch one do i add


You need to put in whatever the name of the folder is in your resources.


That was a typo. Sorry about that.
Yes, it is supposed to be start sfjrp_bcsopack

The autostart is the same as what the resource folder name is.


Also, there is an SAHP Electroglide Harley Motor Bike Unit, in the policeb slot.


Awsome pack! looking forward to more in the future:wink::smile:


Even though im in your community I love these cars!!! :grin::grin::grin:


i wish i knew how to make car skins


I think I made some of them on that stream I did a few days back.


i had to leave i think before you did it


can you still teach me i would love to make cars for server.


where would i be able to get the templates to reskin these vehicles? I am specially looking for the 16 xplorer with vector bar? I have been searching but every template i find doesnt match up…any help would be great!


Same here - I’m guessing the templates *could be custom


i hope not cause i really really like the explorer valor and would love to reskin it so we can use it on our server


This pack says (Non-ELS) so i changed the carcols to make things emit more and they dont. Are you sure this is Non ELS


OK, they originally worked however now they just refuse to spawn


Try reinstalling them


I did, they won’t spawn.