[Release] Blaine County Sheriff Office for Rednecks Dodge Ram

Hello everyone. This is my first skin release and I decided to make a Almeda County based skin.
So I made this skin for Rednecks Dodge ram. Leave feedback to me in the comments. I hope you like this skin


Download Link:

This is only a vehicle skin, and the vehicle wont be provided at any stage.

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The download is locked. Just so you know

Could you please upload the screenshots on the forum? Drag and drop them in your edit window.

Also please give credits to the vehicle creator by providing a link. Thank you

that should be fixed now :smiley:

Removed the Discord link as:

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Please be sure to watch out for this in the future

so this is the YTD file of the ram along with the skin or just the livery ?

its the livery you can put inside of the .ytd, this dont contain any vehicle files only a skin you can put on

thank you buddy

A couple of things were off but good attempt!

  • Rear Blaine County Sheriff's Office Text Incorrect Font.

-Moto On Rear To Large.

-Main Decals Falling In Front.

Polecat324’s Video With The Ram.

is there a way I can get the download for the truck plz that would be great

This truck is a paid vehicle and that being said you cant use it buy/use it for fivem

Umh i don’t think you can since its a paid vehicle from Redneck. I have him on Discord but i don’t think you are allowed to use paid vehicles on FiveM, even though everyone does it…

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yeah, it’s in terms and service.

@klimpen You would happen to have the template for this truck would you i wanna make some skins for it and release here and lspdfr

download is invalid

The download link is unavailable and I would really love to have this livery so do you think you could try and fix that as soon as possible?

does anyone have the downloaded file?

You cant base a skin upon another version of the same skin. there is a large chance the DOJRP ones dont match real life

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Did anybody downlaod it becasue the link is broken and i would link the texture plus where do i get the vehicle?

how about we get a new link? :smiley: