[Release] Blaine County Public Safety (Non-ELS Security Charger)



Hey, I’m Calles27! This is a 2014 Dodge Charger Security Car w/ green & amber lights! I hope you enjoy! This is my first car release but yall will see me more often on here!

Download (sorry too big for anything else.) -


Credit - Sheriff L for the model - [Release] 2014 Dodge Charger | All Blue | Non-ELS!



Nice, love the green and amber light set up. The textures is amazing too lol


Did you ask for permission to republish this vehicle?

EDIT: can you not place the .zip file in github? Please just place the file in github


10/10, Love it


why would you even place the zip file in github? please use the builtin forum upload feature, as stated in the PSA post.

if it’s too big then upload it to something like https://mega.co.nz or mediafire…


Ice i understand what your saying but alot of people use github for upload. even vespura uses github and he is a mod. So honestly i think he is fine.


sorry what? github is meant for code, not for zip files… what are you talking about? Sure, Vespura, lotsa people (even I!) use github, but for code, not zipped resources/vehicle assets :thinking:


Ok, my bad. I will change it to Mega since it is pretty big.


Yes I did, I will post a screenshot of proof.


:+1: :wink:


Nice job xD


ok i was just making sure :+1:


lookout, the credit police are here! smh


This is really cool i am going to put this in my server


Thanks, glad you like it!