[Release] Auto Restart Server



Based on Singlefries script, thanks to him !


Today i give you an auto reboot script with many reboot compatible and ingame message ! ESX compatible

  1. Open server.cfg and start reboot resource once you placed it in your recoures folder.

  2. Change the reboot schedule with the time you want in restart.bat. Choose a full hour, like 12, 6, 15, …

  3. Edit your directory path at the 2nd and 25th line in restart.bat.

  4. Edit the server.lua file in the reboot resource, and change the hours as you want.

  5. Open restart.bat, and keep both windows open.

Done !

auto_reboot.rar (1.5 KB)

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[Release] Windows Auto Restarter/Server Manager v1.1

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Couldn’t you just use scheduled tasks and the Cron resource to do this? Cron for the messages, scheduled task to reboot.


Hello @Random_0100! I made a script similar to yours to auto restart the server but with a few extra features. I put a download link to your resource “reboot” that prompts the users in game a message to let them know about the restart. I also added a link to this topic.

My topic: [Release] Windows Server Manager v1.1
If you would like that I remove one or both links, please let me know.


can i just keep it as it is do you know how many hours it stays up until restarts


it dosn’t stop the server it just starts another cdm.exe window, how do i fix that ?


I got it to work in my dev server but not on the main. And its the same codes. So weird. I Think you know who I am. So just type to me at discord KeN1cs#8277


Hoxton_115 and Ken1cs, check in restart.bat on the 2nd and the 25th line if you put your server directory


Will look for that thanks


it dosn’t stop the server it just starts another cdm.exe window, how do i fix that ?


Erm, so i started reboot.bat file and it deleted all my server files. Help!


What did you change in the .bat file?


The directory and thats it


well, shit you were supposed to direct it into your cache? And i have a back up from like 4 weeks ago lol


Watch in your backup file on the root of your server directory. Normally, when you execute reboot.bat, it create a backup of your server in the backup file


Dude there is not backup that was created? All of our work is gone…


I feel your pain buddy


Why did you not spesify that the 2nd line deletes the caches? WHY? WHY?


Because it does not need to be specified as the command normally creates a backup of your work, and clean the cache helps prevent bugs and crashes


Where is the backup? Where? IT DID NOT CREATE A BACKUP!