[Release] Area of Patrol - Set Area of Patrol, Draw Text & Time Included [AOP] [2.9]



@keron_bland @aka_Lucifer

That’s not my AOP script. Please post in the correct resource thread. Mine does have perms though. But the one your using does not.


@FAXES Yeah I know that is why I am telling him to simply add perms with either aces or steam id.


@FAXES I have downloaded yours and can not find where you change the command and where to enable/disable the features.

I am new to this so in advance I am sorry


In the config.lua change the values from true to false


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Great release, thank you for sharing this with the community.


Also where can I change the command from /AOP to something else


In the server.lua. idk what’s the point when there’s perms but yeah.


How do i add permissions?


Is it possible to have 2 location shown at the same time ? Like sandy and mission row?


Read the docs bro

You can type multiple strings so you could do /aop Sandy Shores / Mission Row


Should I add these?

Otherwise let me know other ideas below!

  • Should I have a config for the PLD script to move it?
  • Should I add x & y into config for easy editing
  • Add more config for text size
  • Add easy config to move to corners of the screen
  • Should I add a priority cool down feature?

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I have tried to change the cords to move the script up, and cannot for the life of me get it to work. Any advice on how to get it to move? I changed the cords in the client.lua but it either disappears or doesn’t move.


how do you add people to the whitelist to do the /aop and things


Check the wiki. There’s a link in the OP.

@deputydavis7 all in the client.lua…


is there a way to remove the time and date?


Edit the client.lua. I’m working on a version which will have a heap of config and have new features from the above poll.


Is there anyway maby making it a bit higher up so the streetlables can be under?


Features from the above poll will be added in the next update