[Release] Area of Patrol - Set Area of Patrol, Draw Text & Time Included [AOP] [2.9]



Hey I got my SafeZone script working A LOT better if you would like to look at it again and see if that helps integrate into your AOP :slight_smile:


Release 2.1

  • Fixed the Join message always saying “None Set” It should now actually display the AOP.

Thanks to @Ceasium for spotting this…
Downloads in OP


Your Welcome. :grinning:


Btw do HSG know that you are re-making their scripts or copying them?


Your very funny, because, you know, DrawText and DrawRect are100% exclusive and can not be found anywhere…

Oh wait


You should do more research in the future, your not the first to tell me I stole a time function or used DrawText lmao.


You have every script similar to theirs… even your ranking system Guest, M1, M2, M3…


But that’s not exclusive to them.


Well if your going from HSG I believe they have CR or CU something like that, The ranks in Fax-Core have always been that, even since its beta versions.


Please know what your saying first before accusing people… Smh bro, get a life fr


Well, i do apologize for accusing you, but you must admit. Pretty much every script you posted is similar to theirs. A bit suspicious that’s all.


I call it inspiration if anything. Yes HSG have some very cool script but why would I “steal” them when I can.

  1. Remake them (in a sense of similar design)
    2 . Make my own things…

The reason I made Fax-Core was not hsg, it was because there was no updated whitelist / blacklist system at the time…


It Shows the wrong time on the date its like 12 hrs ahead of me how can i fix it?


It goes off of your PC System time


Is this mod comparable with esx server config.


What you mean by that. I don’t use esx that is just ewww


If I wanted to use this would it be compatable? Or would I experience crashing?


All this does is a text draw on the bottom left of your screen. You should be fine. If not remove it.

And for the record ESX is :face_vomiting:


Release 2.2 - Main

  • Added no PvP during peacetime
  • Added cool sound for when peacetime is turned on.

This version has been beta tested

Downloads in OP


Any estimate on when spawn points by AOP will be added?


That is something I add on planning in the future… Probably within the next few updates