[Release] Area of Patrol - Set Area of Patrol, Draw Text & Time Included [AOP] [2.9]



no problem! also i just noticed i’m pretty sure everyone can use /pton and /ptoff but it doesn’t toggle the drawtext it only toggles the chat


It shouldn’t. But I’ll look into it…


i can confirm it does not toggle the drawtext i even changed the ace perm to make my player allowed to use it but it still does not change from Peacetime: Disabled to Peacetime: Enabled i would take a look at it.


Have you changed anything in it. I just tested and looked through 1.7 and the ace perms for peacetime works and goes to drawtext…


interesting. i’ll redownload it and see


should i be downloading from github or latest?

because i always use the direct


also is there a way to make the time format as your current time zone? Example: 8:09 P.M Central Time or not?

EDIT: also you might want to update your wiki with the latest ace update:

would that be right for if IsPlayerAceAllowed(source, "faxes.aopcmds") then


add_ace group.admin faxes allow               # allow all commands for FAXES Script admins 
add_ace group.moderator faxes allow           # allow all commands for FAXES Script moderators
add_ace group.moderator faxes.aopcmds deny	    # disallow FAXES Script Perms for moderators
# Faxe AOP End #

just so i don’t have to modify the server.lua.


It already syncs to your time


i’ve been trying it on my esx server because it has worked before on it. if it doesn’t i’ll try it on my dev server which is on windows note my esx server is on a linux vps


it works!


hmm is that an issue?

it doesn’t seem to turn it off

EDIT: Also if you don’t have permissions you can only toggle the chat version of the peace time. but when you have the permissions you can toggle both peacetime and drawtext


but if you do the aop version it works for permissions


The perms are based from the command not from the draw-texts. So you might have something conflicting. Note that I test all my scripts in a Linux vanilla FiveM server.

If you have further issues, instead of “clogging” this topic up click the support link in the OP.


How do you go about starting the resource?


Bc when i try start 1.7 it doesnt find a resource with that name…


try renaming it to AOP and make sure you drag 1.7 out of 1.7.rar



I’m experiencing one issue. Whenever I set PeaceTime to on, everyone sees to be enabled, but, as soon as someone new joins, or someone reconnects, it shows that it’s disabled. Then someone needs to type /pton once more to show enabled on their client. Please have a way to fix it please. It works fine with the AOP draw text, but just not with the PeaceTime.

Thank you.


Is there a function to kick like if they leave the aop they get kicked? with a visual of where the aop area is


possible, but its something I wont be adding to this script, as for example; people are in a pursuit and they leave the AOP by 1 meter they get kicked…


Can you help me with that somehow? im getting into coding like this and i just dont know how to do the kick once they leave area