[Release] Area of Patrol - Set Area of Patrol, Draw Text & Time Included [AOP] [2.9]



Umm. I’ll look into that today.


Make sure PTOnMessage and PTOffMessage aren’t nil.


Well i mean default was:


‘default’? Where from? Direct download?


Yup, for me at least


The download doesn’t change between users? I just downloaded it and those lines aren’t commented out. Perhaps you’re using an out of date version?


How would i get rid of the PTOnMessage and PTOffMessage?


Yeah i have had this since 2.7


You need to remove the --- at the start of the lines.

:thinking:, perhaps the download for 2.7 was broke or something. Anyway, install the latest version, that’ll resolve your issue.


So to disable the Peacetime on/off message i should remove the —


No… to remove the {0}:{1} error, remove the --- at the start of the lines. Commenting the lines will not remove the message, instead, it will make the variable nil.


So do you know how i would go about removing the PT on/off message?


Just set it to "".




Yes . 2.7 Was a broken version hence 2.8 and now the updated 2.9


/pt does not disable pvp?


First of all thanks for this great script. However I’m running into an issue with /vote. /voteaop works but actually voting gives me an error running call reference in server.lua and schedular.lua. Any ideas?


sometime in the future will you be adding a way so cops and admins can still shoot during peacetime?


I have this within my server but don’t plan to add as I would have to define groups that can still shoot, which is not the point of this script really.


how do i enable this like i have it in my server but it doesnt turn on so i cant see the aop, pt, etc