[Release] Area of Patrol - Set Area of Patrol, Draw Text & Time Included [AOP] [2.9]



View the installation steps in the original post. It scroll up like 5 messages.


Yeah good idea, but what about the draw text and the message that appears on spawn?


True I don’t know about that I just like a clean screen that is why I was thinking a /command would be cool


Never mind. I just missed something…


when i set a AOP it switches right back to another AOP :confused:

PS i updated the script also and get this still



You might have auto AOP enabled. Check that. Also make sure in your config it says 1.7 at the top, other download it fresh from github


yo so my perms wont work


it says that accsess denied for add_principle


The ACE Permissions to your server.cfg file. Not inside a resource. Re-read the docs link and instructions


Because @FAXES Is a Nub He Forgot To Update The Config File To 2.7 If you download the latest file from the Github It should sort out the issues.


i did do that


Try her again, download from gut hub not direct / github releases.


Release 2.8

  • Fixed update checker breaking
  • Removed auto-AOP being default


ok thanks ill try her out


hey how can i edit that purple colour?


You can edit the client file. Would you like it to be added to the config? I can push that this morning


Yes Please


I’ll push this today


Release 2.9

  • Added featcolor to config
  • Changed a couple of things


For some reason, when Peacetime goes on or off, this comes up in the chat: