[Release] Area of Patrol - Set Area of Patrol, Draw Text & Time Included [AOP] [2.9]



Hey man, great script. I love it. I noticed a bug where passengers in cars can still shoot during peacetime, just thought I’d make you aware. Maybe in the future you could dabble in having the AOP automatically change based off how many people in game. Just a thought. Have a good day!


@Yufai that ks for the report. I’ll check into this when home

@OMFGIOU I’ll also check this when home and that player idea is a good one…


Odd… I can punch again now. I think that if you join with PT disabled, you can punch, but as soon as it turns on and then off, you can’t punch using R or mouse.


It should turn off when it’s disabled…


How do I get it to move ? When I use a different dumber in the Config it moves just a bit over the map and disappears. The problem I’m having is that it hovers directly over the street label/compass and for the love of god I can’t seem to get either script to move over :weary:


Use the config. Set AOPLocation to 0 and set serverPLD to true


thank you


There’s an updating coming extremely soon so stay tuned!


hope it has the spawn players in the area feature ! :sweat_smile:


Not this update… soon tho


Release 2.6

  • Added config to set auto-AOP. This sets the AOP to a specified location when theres x players within the server
  • Added extended config
  • Added commands and chat messages to config

Thanks to @darkzygb for some help with this update

Downloads in OP


First. Also Great Fucking Update.


cant wait! nice update btw uploading now!


oof :smiley:


how do i get the cmd /pt to work? it says i dont have permissions how do i get them or where do i find them ?


Read the OP


Release 2.7

  • Removed PedConfig Native, this seemed to be the cause of people not being able to punch when peacetime is toggled off.

Downloads in OP


Thanks for these reports guys, try the latest update and see if that works, and report back :slight_smile:


As always great update idea for the next update make a command like /aopis to have it show the current aop on the client that did the command. :slightly_smiling_face:


How do I set the permission so I can do the commands?