[Release] Area of Patrol - Set Area of Patrol, Draw Text & Time Included [AOP] [2.9]



Read the docs found in the OP.


how do i set perms for this can set my aop


Read the docs. Found in the OP.


cant find the docs


Read the OP it’s right there under installation. Also read other message in the topic. This has been answered many times.


I love the script. The only thing im having issues with is that it keeps saying insufficient permissions? how do i fix that


Add your permissions. See the docs for more.


ive added ace perms but nothing works. is there a way to incorporate permissions into the script?


Well. You answered your question:

You probs have not done them right. Read the docs.


thank you. I figured out what i did wrong. I love the script


has anybody already made a priority cooldown timer version of this? Looking to save time lol


It’s in the works as per the latest update log.


what about a Spawnpoint system built-in so when i change to Sandy Shores and for example i die o spawn somewhere there ?


Could work. Added to config… idk


what is ace perms and how does it work im new to developing so


Read the docs in OP.


Hi FAXES, thanks for your great work. I tried your script but found a few things, when I tried to translate it but the major bug is when players leave peace time they can shoot again but not punch. regards


Sadly I can’t really help with translations. Go through what you have edited, make sure there’s no errors (server and client side)and see how that goes…


Hi, managed to get the translations done but the problem with punching after peacetime been deactivated persisted (I tried with your original script only changing, ‘‘usingPerms = false’’ and it does the same). Nothing really bad I still gonna use it and try to see what is causing it when I have more time.


@FAXES I’m having the same issue as @marcos_acpc
Punching does not work regardless of peacetime on or off.