[Release] Area of Patrol - Set Area of Patrol, Draw Text & Time Included [AOP] [2.9]



i added my steam hex (the link one on my steam profile in the url bar) to add_ace Fax.AOP faxes.aopcmds allow
add_principal identifier.steam:76561198211647620 Fax.AOP yet it still doesnt allow me to change AOP


Thats a SteamID64 not a Hex.


how would one go about getting the correct identifier? that being a hex





No idea if this is stolen code, but it could be. I’m too lazy to compare.


The fuck you on about dude? That is a separate stand alone resource. No code similarities.


No. Myself and @aka_Lucifer aare good mates. No need for code suspicions :thinking: :eyes:


Alright alright, chill out @aka_Lucifer. I’m just looking out for @FAXES. Damn.


Dude I’m chill, just don’t like being accused of shit.


Yeah, I understand it’s annoying. My apologies.


This script is awesome! Is there a chance when PT is toggled that you could disable people hitting eachother with guns and also stop them from using R to melee?


Just Disable the control actions


Just take the disable controls I did in mine @Meaty

DisableControlAction(0, 24)
DisableControlAction(0, 25)
DisableControlAction(0, 45)
DisableControlAction(0, 69)
DisableControlAction(0, 92)
DisableControlAction(0, 106)
DisableControlAction(0, 122)
DisableControlAction(0, 135)
DisableControlAction(0, 140)
DisableControlAction(0, 142)
DisableControlAction(0, 144)
DisableControlAction(0, 176)
DisableControlAction(0, 223)
DisableControlAction(0, 229)
DisableControlAction(0, 237)
DisableControlAction(0, 257)
DisableControlAction(0, 329)
DisableControlAction(0, 349)


Thanks for the reply, I have added them in what have they stopped as I can still press R and hit someone?


Then you have disabled them incorrectly, as they work fine for me. literally just copy my code over but change the peacetime variable.


Ah yes I see where I went wrong thank you for your help! Only other issue is that if I enable peacetime as they have a weapon out they can’t put it away but I suppose it isn’t a massive issue


Really? I can on mine.


Yeah I added those disablecontrolaction’s and if you have a gun out then active peacetime it doesn’t allow you to open the wheel again


Do you have any extra controls to disable use of tab.


No I haven’t