[Release] Area of Patrol - Set Area of Patrol, Draw Text & Time Included [AOP] [2.9]



Hi folks, firstly what a fantastic script. just perfect…
Now to my problem… (area of patrol master) everything works as it should, full permissions etc etc but sadly the text and time etc sits over my hud area, so i downloaded the other version that fixes this and puts this bottom centre, however my permissions are gone and even when i type /pt it firslt says invalid command then says insufficent permissions. so i went back to the basic pakage and all works again but sadly the text/time etc sits over my hud and street locations bottom left… HELP PLEASE :slight_smile:


in client.lua you can edit the x and y and have that would move it. Untill I add it in the next update, you will have todo that.


hey the permissions are not working in my server and I have followed all the instructions on the wiki and it still doesnt seem to work, could you help me


thanks for the reply, i have my client folder open and opened another client folder of a version that places the text bottom middle but they look the same, i dont mind playing around with the x/y until i get it were i want, trouble is i dont know what numbers to amend…
and when i try to use the version that places the text bottom centre my permissions will not work and even commands wont work or even show that they exist so i reverted to the first upload


it wont let me switch the aop


i need help it wont let me switch the aop


@FaDeCamder Did you look at the wiki. Also no need to make multiple posts.

@winter36 You wanna play with the numbers in

Should be the first 2 vals - x, y


where is the wiki


i found the wiki but what numbers do i change


how do i allow admins


It uses Ace Perms. Check the wiki. That will tell you.


where is wiki


In the original post. Right next to the download.


New update coming soon!


which one is the AOP with perms? since i dont want the randoms to switch the weather


All downloads are in the OP. The one that says no perms version is the no perms version. The others all have perms.


how do i allow admins without no perms


Should put these in a separate branch or folder inside the repo.


It’s not updated so no point. If people can read before asking all problems would solved


Hey thank you for the release, lovin’ it!

Here’s my contribution to the script!
I added some lines to the server.lua in the vote section, so now people know there’s a vote in progress even if they just joined the server after the vote started.
It’s a very very simple idea but I love those tiny details.

Just after the line 70 when the vote starts I added:

FaxCurAOP = "Vote"
FaxCurAOP2 = "in progress"

then I added this when there’s one minute remaining:

FaxCurAOP = "Vote in progress"
FaxCurAOP2 = "(1 mn remaining)"

and then when the vote concludes:

FaxCurAOP = "Vote concluded"
FaxCurAOP2 = "(waiting for change)"

And voila!

(also, first contribution to the forum too!)