[Release] Area of Patrol - Set Area of Patrol, Draw Text & Time Included [AOP] [2.9]



This is a simple script that will set an RP area when a command is entered (see images). As of update 1.2 the RP area will also be displayed in the server list under the map title. Below is all the information you need to get started with this script. In update 1.6 I remade the voting system and made a drawtext function!

Usage / Common Commands

/pt - Peacetime toggle
/aopvote - Sends a message for players to vote for an RP area. In 1.6 and above this has a 3-minute timer.
/vote [Place Here] - This command is only active whilst there is a vote in progress (start vote with the above)
/aop [Some Place You Want]

It’s Features

  • Ability to set / change the area of patrol
  • Ability to have area of patrol votes
  • Peacetime toggle
  • Vote system (Still a WIP)
  • Drawtext on screen so people never forget the area of patrol
  • Time and date displayed for easy access
  • No PvP when peacetime is active
  • Area of patrol displayed on the server details on the server list
  • Big messages that stand out from other area of patrol scripts
  • Permission based, so those kiddos don’t change the area of patrol (ACE Perms)
  • Move the AOP text location easily from within the config. See config table below!
  • Unlimited* words to use as the AOP eg; this image
  • Toggle whether you want to use permissions for the commands in the config - No longer use No Perms version
  • Disabled ability to do drive-by’s when peacetime is active
  • Auto-AOP’s - Script can auto set AOP with x amount of players

*As many as the drawtext allows

In the Download


None this is a standalone script as with all my resources.


Both are on latest update

Config Section

AOPLocation Table

Number Location
0 Default position to right of map. Option for PLD config valid under this setting
1 Bottom center position - https://faxes.zone/imagebanks/7r5wtk.png
2 Bottom right of the screen [WIP]
3 Top right hand side of the screen [WIP]
4 Top Center of the screen. Same as 1 but at the top
5 Top left position of the screen, where most servers have that watermark
6 Custom setting, use the AOPx and AOPy values to edit the location on-screen


Default config
-- Area of Patrol, Made by FAXES--


FaxCurAOP = "None Set"  -- Default AOP for when the script starts

vote = true				-- Enables the vote command for AOP
peacetime = true		-- Enables the peacetime command for AOP

usingPerms = true       -- Toggles ACE permission use. For no command permissions set to false

peacetimeNS = true      -- Enables no shooting when peacetime is active

AOPLocation = 0         -- 0 = Default, 1 = bottom center, 2 = bottom right, 3 = top right, 4 = top center, 5 = top left, 6 = custom setting (x, y)
-- NOTE! 2 & 3 are not set up and will display as the default!

serverPLD = false       -- Server-side PLD installed? Only set to TRUE if using the default AOPLocation above (0)

localTime = true        -- If true it will get your time. If false it will get the in-game time

-- Only change these if AOPLocation = 6 (Custom Setting):
AOPx = 0.660
AOPy = 1.430

    The default settings can be found on the forums post!


  1. Place in your resources folder, just like any other resource

  2. Go to the Wiki and follow instructions for Ace permission set up

Special Thanks
@jellyton69 @Blumlaut @Syntasu @GlitchyBoi for scripting help.
Thanks to @Cheleber for Ace help
@KevKilo9 for the idea of this script
@dibzer @Ceasium for testing the script

If you have any issues, comments or suggestions please put them below. :australia:


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Awesome, thanks for releasing

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Does it permanently show the AOP until changed so people don’t keep asking what the AOP is? Nice release though by the way!

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thanks, great job! :+1:

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No it does not. I might update to change the spawn points in the area of the RP so people know. or a join message in chat that says it idk.

I’m going to work on permissions first though so people don’t change it themselves.

@Johnyf1 Thanks appreciate that



Okay, thanks for the heads up. Will be using this on my server.

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Question: If the AOP is set somewhere will new players spawn inside the AOP? Also a slight suggestion.



@JHodgson1 Maybe ^^^



Agreed. Set the spawn points with AOPs and keep it showing constantly! Will definitely be using this, thanks for the script.

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You should add it so when a player joins, it displays the current spawn area.


@FAXES You could do it with this function with an event handler “onClientMapStart”

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Im making one of these that sends a notification at the bottom from the admin abit like a text message

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Update 1.1


  • Added Mirror Park to AOP list.
  • Added Permission System Using Aces (Read the Wiki). this script now requires permissions (as requested) to use the commands. See the original post for the Wiki link to set up the Ace permissions. Thanks @Cheleber for Ace permission help :slight_smile:
  • Changed Event Names
  • Updated Terms of use in GitHub
  • Updated GitHub description
  • Removed colors in /aoplist (See new screen shots on the forums)


Update 1.2


  • Added new function that displays the current AOP (or RP) area in the server list

  • Also added a new feature for when peace time is enabled it will also show on the player list

  • When peace time is turned off using /ptoff the Game Type will be put back on Freeroam. You can always change this on line 186 of server.lua

Overall look in the server list

Pictures and information updated in the original post



Works great thanks for this. Love it.



where do i find this post ?



Which post?



nvm found it
the other owner of my server already sended it to me but i didnt see it

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Update 1.3

A small update

  • Added a feature for when the resource is first loaded to say RP : Not Set under the map name in the server list.

I may have a auto select RP area every x mins having it on a timer or random pick in the near future.

I am also focusing on getting the message to display the RP area when you join.

Download in the original post, GitHub



I can not find where to put me hex decimal, can you tell me what file and or what line please



You need to place it in the Ace permissions read the wiki for more in depth info