[Release] Apartment [MySQL & Async](08/17/2017)



Apartment V1.5


Apartment is a script for RP servers. It let you visit, buy and sell apartments. More utilities will come soon !

Current Features

  • Visit apartment which hasn’t been bought yet

  • Buy apartments

  • Sell your apartments

  • Deposit dirty and clean money

  • Withdraw dirty and clean money

  • More to come…


Coming soon

  • Ring system
  • Lock/Unlock system
  • Garage system


  • You can add/remove/change prices/change locations of apartments in the file “apart_client.lua”
  • Change the language at the top of files
  • Switch to Async or MySQL
  • If you have any question, feel free to come on my Discord:


  • 08/17/2017 --> Adding pNotify and compatibility with FX Servers
  • 07/07/2017 --> Deposit and withdraw clean/dirty cash
  • 06/10/2017 --> Little “fix” for MySQL users
  • 06/10/2017 --> Fix some issues with “SQL Mode selector”
  • 06/09/2017 --> Add MySQL compatibility
  • 06/09/2017 --> Add translation and blips on map
  • 06/08/2017 --> First upload



  • Put all files in a folder called “apartments”
  • Add “start apartments” in server.cfg
  • Import sql file to your database

Special thanks

[Release][ESX] Base

OH MAN ! You are the BEST !


It would be very nice if you could make a couchdb version because some people use it like myself! Thanks! if you make a couchdb version


I’ll see how couchdb works and try to make it this week end !


+1 on the couchDB version <3


Wow that quick thanks!


Thanks you very much for this awesome release !


i dont see blips does this version have them?


I’m currently making that ! I’ll upload it as soon as I can


@Madriax thank you ! Btw you can check Cops FiveM server side cause it use mysql, mysql-async & couchdb in a same file. It’s proper and smart ^^


Thanks i’ll check this !


Omg i can’t believe this - you saved the world ! xD


Such a big release! Thanks! we have all been waiting for this


Would it be possible to make a version that is compatible with vRP?


I’ll first make a version for native MySQL and Couchdb


nice job you are the best :slight_smile:


Hi, i buy an appartment but i don’t know where i have to go, to go in my house. When i go at the point they put Buy appartment, Visit and Close Menu?

[Release] Firescript v1.0 Alpha

Thanks for your work and release Madriax :slight_smile: Waiting for the Native MySQL to get mine :slight_smile:




Very good scripts but how do I use mysql async?

thank you in advance


Tomorow i work on blips so if you have done something or if you want to do something else in priority maybe do it, i’ll show you my work when i’m back home tomorow evening