[Release] American MDT SYSTEM Based off Owen_M Police Mobile Data Terminal

im having the same issue when I try to log in with the details provided it doesnt want to go to the next page and the page just refreshes and doesnt say anything

yes it installs but the password/username does work it says password is incorrect. I’ve reinstalled it serveral times too.

I’ve installed the MDT on our website, I changed the _assets/php/connection.php to our game server DB. I’ve loaded the SQL file into the Game server DB. And when I log in it recognizes the username and password. But than nothing, straight back to the login. If I type the password wrong I get the feed back that it’s wrong.

What am I forgetting here?

Update: If you are using esx_vehicleshop this MDT will not work out of the box. It needs some modifying.

I removed the following from mdtsystem.sql before loading it into the database:

CREATE TABLE `vehicles` (
  `vehicleid` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
  `vehicle` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  `vrm` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  `owner` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
  `status` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  `insurer` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  `insurance_number` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  `registered_drivers` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  `markers` mediumtext NOT NULL
ALTER TABLE `vehicles`
  ADD PRIMARY KEY (`vehicleid`);
ALTER TABLE `vehicles`

Then I added the colums I didn’t have yet manully with sql:

ALTER TABLE `owned_vehicles`
  ADD `vehicleid` bigint(20) NOT NULL,
  ADD `vrm` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  ADD `insurer` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  ADD `insurance_number` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  ADD `registered_drivers` mediumtext NOT NULL,
  ADD `markers` mediumtext NOT NULL;

Made vehicleID primary and made sure there were no duplicate values. Followed by:

ALTER TABLE `owned_vehicles`

Now your database should be good to go. All that’s left is change database calls from vehicles to owned_vehicles in the php files. Haven’t gotten that far my self yet so goodluck.

how could i create new user in mdt_users that match in login? what is password hash? this 1234 not working

I had the same issue, for me it didn’t work because when I imported the SQL one of the tables already existed. How I worked around it is explained in the comment above yours.

what do you mean? i should recreate SQL like one that you post higher and thats it?

Any luck on changing the calls to owned_vehicles ? I have made the necessary changes but still cannot pull any vehicles

When i login, i get refreshed back to login page. No errors, passwords correct

Is this CAD dead now? I am also having the login refresh back to login issue.

same here, or is it a php issue? I’ve tried php 5.6 php 7.2 php 7.3

yea i think its a php i hope he fixes it

So, I got this working without any PHP issues. I am also have a bunch of different versions installed, I am my own host so I have that freedom.

However, this CAD is all over the place. There are multiple tabs and windows that probably should be reduced to one tab. For example, you should be able to view your units and attach them to a call from one window.

I think both you and Owen have done a great job at creating a web based CAD (that isn’t Bubble), but it does need some work. Will probably use some pages as a base and build off of that for my community, since i’ve wanted to get off of Bubble for a while now.

What version did you use

It’s really old and was released because people started stealing it, I never intended for it to see the light of day.

As stated, I believe I have all the current stable and supported PHP versions enabled on my host. So, I wouldn’t be able to narrow down exactly which one this CAD supports without turning off each version. Doing that is pretty time consuming and since I don’t plan on using this CAD in its entirety I don’t plan on doing just that.

Didn’t mean any offense of course. It’s a shame that happened, can never trust anyone these days. As stated, I do commend you from taking the task of creating the version that was release. My community does plan on using it as a base to edit off of and create our own. Cheers.

Does this system in anyway tie to the cars and identities of people in the city? or is it all manually created

Hi i need help
how write start for this script?

Any update to this resource? Although it installs without problems, it is only worse in the future, there are millions of different errors, thereby having to edit some parts of the source code. So far this is terribly implemented :neutral_face:

So I have it installed now and can see the login page but the default credentials are not working. I confirmed they are the same.