[Release] American MDT SYSTEM Based off Owen_M Police Mobile Data Terminal



You can do a video how to run it . I m ya connect with my databaze but i don t know what i need to do now


I will create eventually video on how to install. Also I am updating the way the background image loads onto the website


Update: Version 1.01

Hey Guys I have Just updated the system to fix an issue with the background image not loading properly. All you have to do is just replace all your mdt files where you have them installed except where your images are located so your background images will remain and the update will apply!!! I will be creating a video in the next week or two telling everyone how to install it properly.


Awesome edit! It has it’s flaws but when setup and tweaked correctly it works perfectly!


@EpiloxOfficial if you could commit on the github to improve it for everyone, that would help the community. It is by far perfect.


can you please list websites that you can use this


I already have a category vehicles in the ddb with ex_vehicleshop how can I fix it ??? I do not think I can add that with the categories of vehicles …:stuck_out_tongue:


Just so you know, using the meta refresh isn’t a secure way to protect the webpage. Use header() and use if/else to prevent drawing the page. Right now I can bypass the login restrictions simply by stopping the browser refresh.


why can other civs change other civs civs


Security fix for the redirect issue, will stay up until author of the release uploads it to their Git.


I know @Owen_M stated there was no support from him regarding this release, but does anybody or the OP know whether there would be a way to allow users to register themselves? I love this system and 100% want to use it, but I’d prefer civilians to be able to Register/Create accounts themselves rather than an admin having to do it for them. Don’t know anything about this stuff but who knows it could just be as simple as someone writing a register.php or something?


@AltimitWill i keep getting this in the google console when i attempt to login

bootstrap.min.js:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)


Does anybody know how to change the colours on the Nav bar, and the buttons please?


Does anybody know why Bolos doesnt work and why the loading page are soo long?



Just succeed to install CAD on my website.
Does anybody know why Bolos doesnt work and why the loading time is soo long. :slight_smile:


NVM delete


I have this installed correctly and when I try to log in using the creditials it wont let me log on and it says it is invalid can someone please help me?


getting the same thing


how did you fix the password and user issue?


Hi @ProGamer123, What password issues are you having ? have you managed to install the MDT ok ?