[Release] [ALPHA] "Arma III" Styled Missions


Great to hear. So you could see NPCs, but not the objective blip? Could you see the NPC blips too?

still confuse on how if everyone goes offline when mission 4 is active then first new comer should make spawn auto mission 4 but not for next new login… trying to prevent any double spawning

This is for 2.6, or 2.7…? 2.7… I presume?


Then the solution is…
if 0 connected save mission number then stop mission till if connected == 1 then start mission saved till if connected == 0 then save current mission and stop it… again and again…

this way mission goes one to another all the time.

for a new comer that dont see map blip or map marker we should just make the script reload blips for them not the entire script



Ok, so newcomers joining can see the the NPC blips on the map OK? Its the objective blip and in-game marker that needs to be fixed. Thanks again for the thorough testing and feedback.


new comer see nothing… they see npc ennemie as npc in front of them but no blip at all npc.marker.blip.
a new comer dont see Mission Blip on map
a new comer dont see NPC blip on map
a new comer dont see Marker to finish mission
a new comer see NPC
If the active mission is done by someone the new comer that was waiting see the new mission and everything that is coming with it

regarding the NPC BLIP ON MAP AS POSITION in mission 1 they glitch. thats all, new or not.


For mission 1 are you using the default amount of enemies that came with the mission? Or added new ones?


amount is the same


Ok, odd.
Also, to be sure, …for joining players… the glowing Marker cylinder for the in-game objective that the player needs to be in disappears too? I would presume so.


the most important one… the blue cylinder not showing for new comers.
i called it Marker… in precedent post…

so if this problem of new comer not seeing all marker is fix
the problem left is when everyone goes offline…
the script should saved current mission and stop and clean everything then load it back when a new player come in.

something like that


did some test mission 1 with half ennemy spawn… no npc blip.
i think the problem is the multi level of the construction site. maybe the engine cant do multi level??


not working :frowning:


what version are you using
and what is not working


Have a whole new version up built from 2.6 and the testing feedback from sixens
Its basically re-written and now uses decor properly and also allows players to join in on a mission who have just connected. It should be much more stable now. v2.8 alpha/experimental.


Mission Pickups (as well as Reward Pickups) are added as well. If a player joins in and is the only player, the server will help start the mission for them. Players logging off and joining back in will return back to the current mission, including whole new players joining the mission.

If you do see any problems with npcs multiplying or other funkiness, in server.lua there is a setting called blActiveMissionCheck, set that to true. You shouldnt need to do that, so keep it set to false to start off with.

Let me know how it works.


:star_struck: my dude my dude…
in about an hour ill go test that all night long…
thx for your work and time…
ill be back around 22h30 - 23h


2.6 i dont see any on map


Use 2.8 instead, which I just uploaded. That should be more stable.


where is link bro?


where i can start mission? i dont see anything in map


wait a little dude… im coming testing this out… ill let you know what to do as soon as im on my chair…


Work! very very nice. You are great developer bro. Respect


On a fresh server start:
When first player connect, Mission1 autostart BUT everythings shows as it should but the NPC dont appear.(Mission without NPC)

On a start by myself:
i start mission1 and go offline with 0 connected,
When i connect as first to connect, Mission1 autostart BUT everythings shows as it should but the NPC dont appear.(Mission without NPC)

Then test with many online (Good News)
I start mission go offline and get back… everything work like a charm i see marker, i see blip, i see objective cylinder, i see NPC, i see crate and pickup after mission finish (WORK PRETTY WELL)
So When mission is started manually and if server doesnt goes to 0 player script work fine and as it should.

Little things that i notice cause i push the test on evrything…

When i finish a mission, a pickup weapon appear and can be taken once by everyone… even after another mission as start a player that didnt play the mission could come and take one.
When taken, they should disapear for everyone… 1 pickup only by pickup.
its a problem cause the weapon will be available when the place will be empty cause mission have move to 2…3…4…ect even with Config.CleanupPickups = true

Another little things im not sure cause i tried only with one user…
Seem to be the same for mission PickUp they can be taken once by everyone… and should disapear for everyone if taken by one user
But for Mission Pickup… when the mission end… they dissapear.

Finally, i think this version is in a good direction
when server go to zero NPC disapears, We need to make them spawn again with the mission only whenserver goes from 0 to 1 player.

Beside that didnt see any double or craziness around.
Thanks again for your work… Hope it help