[Release] [ALPHA] "Arma III" Styled Missions


Ok… if not driving true, he goes to destination BUT if there anyone on is way (player) then he start to turn around the player and forget is destination.
Then i use flee=true That way he flee if aiming him but forget is destination too.

By the way drivespeed=120 Work great. Real pursuit!!!

If he Flee and have a drivingtocoord, he should get there?

wanderinarea =true
work great. Thanks a lot as i asked for this.
Pretty awesome


flee means to be less combative, so you can chase them wherever, they will react to you still. So no, flee itself will not do it.
To achieve an NPC with the steely resolve to make it to a destination, I think it will need to be some combination of SetPedFleeAttributes to 0s and making the enemy driver love the players and enemies.

It would be cool to have an NPC option with those attributes, which I will add if possible
Glad drivespeed works! :slight_smile:

@Loque Thanks for the links, they were very helpful. I should have a much more solid spawning algorithm now.


For the destination, its a mission/scenario option that could make a difference in some specific mission/scenario.

Could help if had the option that if the driver reach is destination mission failed…
Just an idea… i know i send you a lot of todo thing…
I hope you dont hate me for this :grin:


No problem. This shouldnt be too hard to add for the next build.


Still have problem… with Target Blip on map…
Starting a mission… isee mission blip and everything… my partner doesnt see target blip… hostage blip on map.

And if im offline and join when people are in game… i see only the Mission Blip on Map… no Target or hostage blip.


ok, do you see enemy blips? Any NPC blips at all?
I think I see what is happening, I will have a fix for that in the next build.


If i start mission myself i see them but not other NPC BLIP (ennemy target/Hostage target)
There is many bug as sometime they see if they were there at start of mission sometime not…
And same for joining player…


so if you use ‘/mission MissionN’, you sometimes will not see the target or friendly NPC icons?
Or is this on when you are first player and it auto-starts? or both?
You always see regular enemy blips?

I am using decor which is a way to store variables on peds, which should carry across peer to peer to other clients. I’m using this to distinguish between targets, friendlies and regular enemies.

So when you finish a mission… The resource will clear everything up dead bodies, enemies not killed etc…

I’m thinking its the timing issue that I have a fix for… Where the server tells clients to spawn NPC blips before the host/other client has finished spawning them, and the decor values havent finished propagating.


let me do some test with 2 others player.
ill test on connect… join…
test with autostart
test with /mission Mission1
test with next mission autostart
test with deco reco

Also ill test pickup and mission pickup on various way and mission…

be back tonight

Did Some test.
If im Alone i see everything…
If i start anything i see everything

On autostart when i join everythings is there

If a second player comin… he see mission blip THE black star in a red circle
he dont see target blip
he dont see hostage blip
On one test he see 4 target on 12 possible ODD
He didnt see the hostage blip

But they all see npc, pickup, mission pickup, cylinder marker
Its more a blip on map problem

And not sure why but with last built i start having problem with assasinate mission, half of the time they finish as soon as start…

Exemple, i /mission Mission4 … mission start and finish automatic…
i start again /mission Mission4 … and then its ok mission on… ODD

i test many thing to find where it come from… couldn find anything


talking about that… last issue i talk about… the assassinate mission that when start it stop…
i just made 10 test without any player and the bug not happening…
With player its happen half the time a assasination one start.


Also… when start and bugs out… i see the blip that try to spawn … it does many little red little spot that look like target trying to spawn and something happen they not appear and mission stop… all this in 1 sec…


EDIT: Thanks sixsens, just added some more fixes that will hopefully fix the npc blips when the mission auto-starts.

Here is 2.8.8:

Random mission generator (Mission12) should spawn much better now. Please give Mission12 a go and let me know. Thanks Loque for the links.

Fix for NPC blips not showing correctly when joining/autostarting. I added a 5 second delay to let the server tell the clients to attach blips after the host client has spawned NPCs. I am still tweaking this, so you may notice a brief pause as the mission starts before everything shows up and starts.

Also removed the target and friendly icons, since they do not give Z information. Targets are now purple, and friendlies still green, regular enemies till red.

When you set HostageRescue=true for a mission in missions.lua, the mission is over when any hostage dies from players or NPCs, with the player who kills a hostage getting a cash penalty. This is for both Assassinate and Objective Missions. Hostages/friendlies should animate and cower properly now.

You can now set IsDefend = true on a mission This will spawn a blip radius area on the map at the size and position of the marker you define, representing the marker. This means that any NPC Ped (in vehicle or not) who gets into that zone will cause the mission to fail. IsDefend will make all enemy drivers and walking/running enemy peds to go to the zone to take it over. Soon as one NPC makes it, the mission is failed. You can also give the “conqueror=true” attribute to a vehicle ped (id2) or regular ped, and they will be uninterested in combat and make a bee-line straight to the marker zone, whereas other peds will stop and fight enemies.

:rofl: See Mission10 for how this can be implemented.

You can mix and match HostageRescue and IsDefend with Assassinate and Objective type missions. So with IsDefend=true for an Objective Mission, the player would need to beat the enemy NPCs to claim the zone.

For the Random Mission Generator, example is Mission12
For the locations you set up in RandomMissionPositions, you can add Blip and Marker information to the location, just like a regular mission. You can also define MissionTitle etc… and MissionTitleObj, MissionTitleAss etc… for gametype specific messages and titles. Will probably write up a config guide on all the settings when I get a chance. Basically, you can customize each random location’s information to make the mission locations have more meaning.

for example:
{ x = 2840.52, y = -1449.96, z = 11.95, MissionTitle=“Pitcairn Island”, MissionMessage=“Liberate the island”, Blip={…}, Marker={…} },

HostageRescue and IsDefend can also be turned on for the Random Mission Generator. Since all NPCs spawn within a radius of the marker/objective by default (for above that would be at x = 2840.52, y = -1449.96, z = 11.95), I allowed the marker/blip to be able to be defined elsewhere than where the NPCs spawn at. This allows IsDefend (attack) missions to occur, since by default all the NPCs would immediately spawn into the zone and take it over. :slight_smile: When HostageRescue is turned on with random missions, a hostage will spawn where the marker is defined at. For random Objective missions, the hostage will replace the random prop.

Thats all I can think of now.


crap, uploaded the wrong file in my post above.
Here is the actual latest 2.8.8 build: http://www.mediafire.com/file/yqq09xpwad9zkbn/mrp-missions-2.8.8.zip/file


lol, hold on… have a coming up…
2.8.8 is still a little buggy. dont use it.



This is too much…


Can i try it 2.8.8 or its really mess up?


Its messed up. I will have 2.8.9 uploaded today.


No problem… my dude i can wait.




Ok man, this should be far more stable.



–a fix for npc blips not showing. A loop is run by default at mission start (and when mission auto-starts for first player) to detect NPCs, and will add blips. It stops at 30 seconds in by default.
near the top of client.lua you can turn this feature off/on and the time to check with these variables:
local blForceCheckForBlips = true
local blForceCheckForBlipsTimeout = 30000 --30 seconds default

If you are still getting problems, hit F8 to see the console… it should say looking for enemy peds…
with a number. Finally when it is done (after 30 seconds by default) it will say
found enemy peds… with a number. Let me know if this works. If you have problems, let me know what the messages say. You may need to try 60 seconds as well, but really 30 should be more than enough. I did see it was a timing issue for me, and this fixed it. I may need to run this in a separate thread, which your testing will verify.
–A fix for Assassinate missions timing out right away. There was a Wait(1000) misplaced.
–Many other fixes and tweaks.
New Featues:
–Everything in the 2.8.8 release the day before (see the post with the Helms Deep Orc :rofl: )
–Players can now rescue hostages by going up to them. A hostage will stand up and then run off. There is a HostageRescueReward cash reward setting that can be set globally or per mission for this.
–New sounds for Objective capture timer, mission finished, mission failed and hostage rescue.

There is the missions.lua file that has the 11 standard missions, and with Mission12 being the random mission generator. There is also a mission_random.lua file, which you can swap into missions.lua. This has 1 mission the random mission generator, which will just loop through random missions. The generator I think is working real well, but would like to have it properly tested.

My next goals are:
–to have a mission timer working, where you can set times to complete the mission by, and also have the server manage this more. I need to work out when a mission times out, who is the host/best host to choose from to spawn everything for the next mission. Loque, any ideas on how best to test for the best host to use?
–completely random mission generator that will randomly pick a map coordinate (rather than predefined locations) and spawn a mission there. I need to test/probe for water but couldnt get that to work using the test vertical for all water etc…I was getting yes and nos but the accuracy was a little off. Not sure if Loque has any ideas how to use these water test functions? If this was working, I would be able to spawn a random boat mission if water, etc…
–Some other tweaks to allow more customization.

EDIT: Also I change ‘drivetocoords’ attribute to be ‘movetocoord’
i.e. movetocoord={ x = 1453.72, y = -2282.69, z = 67.47}

And can now be placed on vehicles and peds. You can also set a movespeed attribute,
i.e movespeed = 5.0. If this is not set, it should make the npc/vehicle go at full speed.
If you also set conqueror=true (see 2.8.8 post above). They will make a bee-line and not be interested in combat.
For IsDefend=true missions, where the NPCs are forced to go to the marker coordinate and capture the zone, ‘movetocoords’, ‘driving’, ‘wander’, etc… movement attributes are not necessary and will most likely override going to the marker zone, and can be used that way. You may still want to use conquerer = true for IsDefend though, which is still necessary to have NPC make a bee-line and not combat


Thanks for all your work.
again and again you impress me with more amazing stuff then before.
That is a 5 stars work my dude.
I have a lot of work myself reedit everything with my stuff…
You can be sure that ill test everything and as you ask… ill do some ramdom mission testing too.

There is a lot of option now… :grinning:
Good to hear that the assasinate mission that stop right away wasnt me messing something.