[Release] allcity_Infokey




Hi everyone !
Considering that we’re a cool dev team :lying_face:, we’ve decided to share our work with you !

We want that the whole community can enjoy this script.
This script allows you to display the commands on your server, its very simple.

  • If you want to change the text, you’ll have to change the differents lines into the “ui.html fil*e”.
    For example : Line 23 “F1 key”, change the text between “<p>edit here</p>

  • If you want to change the header, you’ll have to place your image into the “img” folder, remane it as : “header.png

  • The current KEY to open it is [=]

This script is made for role play servers mainly.
This script is fully editable, just do not forget to credit us.

Credits : @Kalu / AllCity Project

Please don’t remove credits.
We will not provide any support for this resource, very simple to use and apply. We will not update this script either.

DOWNLOAD : https://github.com/AllCitySor/allcity_infokey


GIF (FADE IN /OUT EFFECT) : https://i.gyazo.com/0486ada07c437110edba61fa42d9e1e9.gif

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Tutorial image

Nice release i really apreciate yall’s work and the sharing of it to the whole fivem community, keep up the good work :grin:


Thx a lot mate, we are gonna release another script to display the money (ESX one) tomorrow you’ll like it for sure ^^


EDIT : The key is “=” and not "Y"

Sorry guys.


EDIT : a GIF to show you the fade in / fade out effect


Once again you are hiding me


Thanks appreciate it and love the release cant wait fo the money thing in bottom right looks nice
will you also have the food water and all that
anyway we could pm each other, whats your discord?


Here it is mate, our discord server : https://discord.gg/sSaAJeM


EDIT : I WILL POST TOMORROW THE BASIC KEY IMG AND THE NAME OF THE FONT, like this, you will be able to change and edit the key’s img as you want


hello i change the keys photos to nother one that i make but they dont work the script dont load the picture i need help please its all in png


did you rename the picture as the last one ?




Are the key’s exactly with the same heading ? I can’t help you that much now, but you can PM me here / or on our discord and i will send you our original [KEY] template.


trying to export the function to open the menu to be used in another menu but i cant figure it out


Change to “Q” is not working for me, one error in the console, its not open…whats wrong?

There are some requirements for allcity_infokey? Folder, scripts…

local keyParam = Keys[“Q”]
local isUiOpen = false F


Did you just tryed to remove the entire local keyParam = Keys["Q"] line, and to change it directly in the thread ?

if IsControlJustPressed(1, your_key_number_here) then

example for the key [Q] that you asked for :

if IsControlJustPressed(1, 44) then


Wow! Very fast help, thx! I was joining you discord - love your scripts…hope you will release the stolecar script from youtube :wink:

Ok to my problem:
thats my main.lua
thats my changing

Same error in Line 23 now, sorry