[Release] allcity_deathscreen




Hello everyone, following a bad “adventure” with one of our former developers we learned that this resource had been shared against our sandstone.

So we made the decision to share it with the whole community to make you benefit but also to prevent these people from taking ownership of our work.

This is a simple script, standalone, allowing the display of a personalized message (according to your desires) following a coma / a death.

This script is made for role play servers mainly.

To change the text, you must change the “ui.html”. This script is fully editable, just do not forget to credit us.

DOWNLOAD : https://github.com/AllCitySor/modern_deathscreen

SCREENSHOT : AllCity Deathscreen

We will not provide any support for this resource, very simple to use and apply. We will not update this script either.

Credits : @Kalu @Kashnars

Thank you all for your reading and sorry for my english.

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coolio. (20characters)


Looks nice :stuck_out_tongue: (20 characters)


OoOoOoOoooo I like this alot :slight_smile:


Nice release! Can you make make an update so if you get a specific health you get this screen? Like 125 health? (VRP have coma at this point)


Thx to all of you we appreciated.

@Nexicon I dont really understand what you are looking for but as i said in the post, we dont even use it anymore so, no, sorry we wont update this script sorry mate


This is something I really enjoyed thanks to this work


Thx a lot mate for your comment


Nice release! Btw., have you figure out the case when player is actually killed (by other person or even animal, not lifeless entity) and doesn’t trigger death script via ESX_Ambulance?


see it, donwload it, include it, works perfect. thx!


The message is appearing after it dies and not during the fainting.


Well acutally i didnt seen this on any server I tested it mate. By “after” what do you mean ? can you be more precise pls ? :slight_smile:


During the time that the player is fainted, the message does not appear. But after he dies definitely the message appears for a short time.


How can you pass this on? pls <3