[release] airport wars - fully custom tdm gamemode - full source code release (server shutdown)


airportwars-master.zip (3.8 MB)

jake paul is the best youtuber ever

All the game modes that exist for FiveM
All the game modes that exist for FiveM

Wtf is this? If there is scripts in it, you need to give credit to them. Tell people what your damn script does. Sounds fishy to me


Doesn’t sound fishy at all, there was an airport wars gamemode and it closed down. Everything in the download is custom (Except mysql-async).


Nice release Rox :smiley:



Cant wait to try it out (After I get back Home that is…)



A description of the script will help you to get people to understand it and download it… maybe edit and add a description…


Was an incredibly unique server… sad it had to shut down.


here is stuck in the loading screen


Can we get a RIP in the chat?

This has gotta be Top Ten Most Saddest Moments in US History on WatchMojo.


sad to see it going, the idea and the scripts were very good, thanks for release tho :slight_smile:



I’ve seen this and it looks cool! I never played before on the server because I didn’t know it was there. Maybe what you should add is some information to your message, like the title isn’t enough for me you know. People will also then know more information about.

Cheers Timo N.


Already been said and not changed so. Let’s read the title and make a summery and short feature list…

Short description, This script is a custom gamemode and is to fight for the air(ports), with team death Match you can group up with the crew and take down that 12 y/O kid.

Short features,

  • Custom gamemode made by the ground up
  • Now out to the public after being private
  • Full source code
  • Gamemode
  • Team Death Match
  • Different

So that’s what I get off of the title, yes we would all love a bigger description some screen shots etc, but not yet :smiley:

So who would like me to make a resource highlight on it? Like the post of so…


i love this intro :smiley: can i try edit it and add to my server ?


its a PvP team death match where you have to try and take a plane from the opponents airport and take it back to your teams. Be careful because the other team can come and being you down with some of the defense airports


intro, elaborate more please.


I bet it’s loading screen.


Got this error and it prevents me to load the game mode. Any ideas?


Looks cool, anyone have some screen shots?


Look above your post. That’s a screenshot.


if someone wants to extract the vehicle sync (with documentation) for a general release feel free and link/credit this original post