[RELEASE] Advanced Administration System | Web & In Game | Updated 2/14/19


i just add through the DB for now. not to frustrating considering the reward.


is there a way to edit what it says in game? is that through the fivem script or the web part?


Depends what part you want to edit. What are you looking to change?


@Surge @JEinstein

Fixed the user rank select.

This is the only file that was changed: https://github.com/CADOJRP/FiveM-AdministrationPanel/blob/master/web/app/pages/admin/staff.php


Worked perfectly, thank you kindly, and we genuinely appreciate the hard work.


if some 1 will do it for me i will $ u discord Typical.Ev#1234


Hello, the system doesn’t let the player enter the server. It just states: “staff: checking player info” and it takes for ever to check. Is there a way to speed this process up?


It is almost instant unless something is blocking the connection. Most likely an incorrect URL in the server.lua file or the host is blocking it.


What is your discord please?



Invite removed


My discord is ZINKS123#1042


He wasn’t talking to you I don’t think :wink:


Oh well… I still need assistance anyways lol.


I’m not getting my server liked to the website.


im getting a whole bunch of these errors


What version of PHP?


PHP version 7.2.10

Should I upgrade to 7.3.0?


Downgrade to 7.0 and check requirements.


We are having an issue with SQL not storing steam ID’s or names. Anybody know how to fix this?




I’ve just installed this onto my web server however few issues -

  1. When I try to kick an online player I get - “You do not have permission to kick,ban,warn”
  2. I can’t see the settings tab on the left hand side
  3. Is it possible to have a login page instead of everyone being able to login via Steam API?