[RELEASE] Advanced Administration System | Web & In Game | Updated 2/14/19



Hmm it appears I am not good enough with this sort of thing to get it working, so im gonna go ahead and wait for further installation guides


How do I set up a CRON Job? Maybe I am retarded, but I just dont get it…


Same here idk how to set it up all you said was set up a cron job


Also i get an error where it says “No OpenID Server found at https://steamcommunity.com/openid” if this has something to do with the cron job can you tell me how to set it up


Hello I like your mod.

I loaded them on my FTP server and the mod into the GTA directory.

So far everything works well.
However, the whole thing looks like this for me:


Could you make a installation video?


Holy Shit! Thats me on the screenshot. WTF xD


got the same issue.

EDIT: https://github.com/CADOJRP/FiveM-AdministrationPanel/wiki/Installation#troubleshooting i fixed it here


Yes, I saw that, tried many variations. Without success…

That’s how it looks for me right now:
$GLOBALS[‘domainname’] = “http://meineseite.de/”;
$GLOBALS[‘subfolder’] = “/staff”;


You have to set a domain name


Subfolfer is for something else, i don’t know why sorry.


thx for help!

if I set in the config: http://meineseite.de/staff/
and then in Brwoser: http://meineseite.de/staff/ I’ll give you a 404 error page with the text:

Hmm. Well it seems we broke something. Or you visited on outdated link?
Either way, click below to go back!


For that i don’t know i got the same error, i will look for that tomorrow.


Hi, i fixed the “bug” look at this: http://prntscr.com/m3bifp

You only have to set things like me, and after it just works :wink: .


nice! that helped! thx!

now the homepage looks good.
However, all other tabs do not work



What features do people want to see added, also if anyone is having issues shoot me a DM or just @ArthurMitchell in a reply.

Also, the reason this is having issues is because it wasn’t meant to be under releases yet as it is a huge pain in the *** to install.


Hi, it could be great to add a “revive” system, and a way to see inventory (cars/flats/characters), to see money (bank, wallet, black money), jobs, status (dead or alive / online and offline), licences, make it compatible with EasyAdmin many things like that could be awesome!


can anyone do it for me i will pay you


how do i add someone as staff, i know the user rank in MySQL what other ranks are there?

when i go to add them through here there is nothing under the rank section. https://gyazo.com/43e3acfb48d1d21180da7a128e493adf


This is a known issue which I haven’t pushed the fix to github. You can view the tanks under panel settings tab on the panel. If you yourself can’t see that the default owner rank is either owner or director


How hard is the fix? Is it something simple? Maybe a snippet you could share? My community would love to use this, but the inability to add administration outside of the actual database is frustrating us a bit.