[RELEASE] Advanced Administration System | Web & In Game | Updated 2/14/19


Due to a new #development:releases rule set in October, I have removed all Discord links or references. You’re free to post a Discord link on your profile, but it’s not allowed anywhere else apart from #server-development:server-bazaar.

Thank you for understanding

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Ok now it is more than possible that I am a retard, but whenever I go on to my website of which I have it linked to it doesnt open but intead downloads this filedownload (68.8 KB)
Dont know what that is about. Here is the link to my website : https://ladps-rp.com/webpanel/

Any chance anyone knows how to fix?

Server side file


local website = “https://ladps-rp/webpanel/
– Set to your staff panel URL with protocol (and with sub folder if applicable) and without trailing slash. Example: https://arthurmitchell.xyz/beta


function urlencode(str)
if (str) then
str = string.gsub (str, “\n”, “\r\n”)
str = string.gsub (str, “([^%w ])”,
function © return string.format ("%%%02X", string.byte©) end)
str = string.gsub (str, " ", “+”)
return str

AddEventHandler( “playerConnecting”, function(name, setReason, deferrals)
if string.find(GetPlayerIdentifiers(source)[1], “steam:”) then
deferrals.update(“Checking Player Information. Please Wait.”)
PerformHttpRequest(website … ‘/api/adduser?name=’ … urlencode(GetPlayerName(source)) … ‘&license=’ … GetPlayerIdentifiers(source)[2], function(statusCode, response, headers) end)
PerformHttpRequest(website … ‘/api/checkban?license=’ … GetPlayerIdentifiers(source)[2], function(statusCode, response, headers)
if response then
local userinfo = json.decode(response)
if userinfo[‘banned’] == “true” then
deferrals.done("Ban Reason: " … userinfo[‘reason’] … " :black_circle: Banned Until: " … userinfo[‘banned_until’] … " :black_circle: Banned By: " … userinfo[‘staff’] … " :black_circle: Ban Issued: " … userinfo[‘ban_issued’])
setReason(“Error! Steam is required to play on this FiveM server.”)

AddEventHandler(‘chatMessage’, function(source, name, msg)
PerformHttpRequest(website … ‘/api/message?id=’ … GetPlayerIdentifiers(source)[2] … ‘&message=’ … urlencode(msg), function(statusCode, text, headers) end, ‘GET’)

Config.php <?php #region Database Settings // DATABASE SETTINGS $GLOBALS['mysql_host'] = "localhost"; // MySQL Host $GLOBALS['mysql_user'] = "ladpsrpc_webpanel"; // MySQL User $GLOBALS['mysql_pass'] = "ladps-admin2018"; // MySQL Password $GLOBALS['mysql_db'] = "ladpsrpc_webpanel"; // MySQL Database #endregion // SITE SETTINGS $GLOBALS['domainname'] = "https://ladps-rp.com/webpanel/"; // URL (and folder if used) with protocol and trailing slash. Example: https://arthurmitchell.xyz/beta/ $GLOBALS['subfolder'] = ""; // If accessing via a sub folder type the sub folder name out like the following: /foldername Example: /staff otherwise leave blank $GLOBALS['apikey'] = ""; // SteamCommunity API Key https://steamcommunity.com/dev/apikey date_default_timezone_set('America/New_York'); // Timezone (http://php.net/manual/en/timezones.php) ?>


remove the .htaccess that worked for me but I am now getting a whole bunch of weird errors from mysqli


How do i go about adding staff? I have read the docs it says nothing about it.

This just happens everytime they try to log in via steam.

Also the drop down for rank is blank. When i manually add them into the database their name shows up in the user dropdown but no one elses.


you have to have them login after you ahve set yourself to owner then you can set there rank in the staff section by default they have no permissions


You Have To Go To The Database And Add Them


As i posted in my picture they cannot login? Am i doing something wrong.


all they need to do is open the link then login with steam it will then add them to the list of staff where you can choose there permissions


When they click log in it just prints error look at the image above.


I am not seeing an error above make sure they are removed from the database manually if you added them manually


http://prntscr.com/m004e9 This is what its saying when he clicks sign in.


does anyone else get the error


Yes everyone does.


Is it possible to make this work for just in-game or is a webserver needed as well?


how do we use it? Extremely vague on pretty much everything…


it wont let me war, kick, or ban it just says this


You need the FiveM resource.


i have the fivem resource… it kinda says you need it


All of these issues are answered in GitHub. You probably dont have a cron job setup or didnt configure in game resource.


Corrrect me if im wrong but this isnt fully released, instructions arent meant to be fully clear, there are bugs. I have been using it and its possible to do so, but as stated in another post your gonna want to have experience, and knowledge in PHP and web development to get this working well. Until they release 1.0 with possibly a auto installer or a installation video and better instructions. Until then if you dont have much knowledge id wait as idek if they are giving much support right now since its not fully released.

@schwim explains it a bit better in a post way above.