[RELEASE] Advanced Administration System | Web & In Game | Updated 2/14/19


so this does have to run off a website and not PHP in my database


That domain isn’t even registered.

It seems you might not have the sufficient grasp to modify and install this type of web script. You may want to hit up one of your friends to handle the web side of things.


na its easyier if Panels ran of off PHP like CAD/MDTS like the one im already using but nvm


how can i fix this error? No OpenID Server found at https://steamcommunity.com/openid


Outstanding release, very helpful with server administration.


I have issues installing this, Can i get some help :sa:

I use the servers mysql database right?


Not sure where to have asked in the Discord so i will ask here. Currently all works well its a really nice dashboard, though my server is always offline. Everything works except clicking on my server in the servers tab. Not exactly sure whats causing this, ive followed all directions on the github. Thanks


When will the new update to this be released. I can barely wait!


@vizzra it sounds like your web host is blocking outgoing CURL connections or file_get_contents (or FiveM host is blocking incoming :man_shrugging:)


Soon, we want to make sure it is perfect.


Fixed all of that loving it. Switched to the host you recommended. Transferred over and its working amazing. I was able to warn, kick, ban, etc. But then after a few tests. it started saying make sure to fill all fields. As in i wasnt filling a ban reason/time. But i definitley was. Not sure if this is a possible bug or something on my side. It was working but then just stopped working. Gonna test again in a bit.


Make sure you have the cron job setup.


What would be better to run this off? Since we are trying to keep low costs we will be running this off one of my old server boxed. What do you think would be better to run this. WAMP or XAMPP


It wouldn’t matter. Both are installing practically identical stacks. You’ll never notice a difference between the two for running the panel.


Not sure what you already have planned for full release. But after getting everything working and have been using it i have a few recommendations and some bugs ive found (Could possibly be error on my end instead of a bug but im almost positive its a bug).

  1. A new tab “Logs” consists of player-logs, kills, etc. and can be auto deleted after x amount of time. That would allow people to be cautious of their storage but have logs for admins to help deal with a variety of annoying cases that nobody brings evidence too.

  2. Some sort of staff chat box, this is just a little extra, maybe it can be a plugin its not necessary as there are alternatives but would be cool so you can centralize a lot of the staff related actions and chats in once place.

  3. The anti swear plugin, make it non case sensitive. So people cant just butcher the word IE: hELp instead of the banned word help

  4. This goes hand in hand with #3 but the automated kicks are not on my record when i tested.

  5. This is more or less a bug report but in recent players list when clicking on a player it doesn’t default to the configured sub-folder. But instead as if it was installed in the root directory, leading to a 404 error. This has probably been noticed and fixed for full release. But figured i would add it just in case.

  6. Another bug, not sure if this is a fault on my end. But when adding staff, i must do it manually. In the rank drop down its empty. So i had to go through the database and just set the usergroup.

  7. The kick for staff button i have since changed myself, but i accidentally kicked someone in my server because i couldn’t tell what it meant. Some sort of elaboration on it would be nice. It also kicked someone who was a staff member on the admin-panel. So you may want to blacklist kicking staff groups for that button.

  8. You probably just have them there for next release but as far as i can tell the aop buttons arent doing anything. Thats probably meant to be but im not completely sure.

Thats all i can think of. I dont want to bombard you with shit, i know your probably busy especially since its the holidays. I certainly dont expect this to all be added. But i figured id throw my recommendations out. Thank you for the great release.


Probably a bit late but in the docs he recommended a web host in the installation wiki on github. Im using them, they have all the compatibility. And they are extremely cheap. More than whats needed to run this. On top of the low prices i think they still have the deal i got. Literally paid 7 dollars for 3 months of hosting, on the second plan i think it was. Not gonna mention the name as idk if its allowed. Its not a fivem host but it may still count as advertising to say it on here
From what i know using wamp/xammp are not exactly “Secure” or safe for live use. I have before and never had issues. But from what i read its meant to be a localhost development environment. And unless you know what your doing it would not be secure. I doubt anyone would try and mess with your website anyways. But thats from my research. I could easily be wrong though. As i know many people do it without issues.


Firstly I want to start off by saying you’re amazing. This so far has been some of the best feedback I’ve gotten. I’ll respond to your questions/comments in the same numeric order you have provided.

  1. I feel the ‘logs’ idea is amazing. I will be adding this into the panel most likely before the next release.
  2. Not too sure what you mean by the staff chat box, I’m guessing either a way for the staff to communicate with each other or the staff to view/communicate with the server. Not too sure, however, it does sound like a good plugin idea either way.
  3. I will be fixing that tonight.
  4. I will also be looking into that tonight.
  5. I’m not too sure about what is causing this on your end but I’ll take a look.
  6. Yeah, I broke the code before I released the newest version. This will be fixed with the next release.
  7. I might retire this system and move to a new reserved slots system that will take staff into account.
  8. The AOP buttons were for @Scott_UK’s AOP resource however I forgot to take them out.

Once again thanks for all the suggestions/reports it really does help a lot. Feel free to keep sending more my way. Happy Holidays!


Thank you very much for taking a look! As for #2 some sort of page or maybe a little chatbox like seen here on the dashboard possibly or taking up its own page.

Chatbox Example

I will definitely send anything else i think of over on here. I may have a few more things to come up with. I know i had something last night but i forget lol.


can someone do a YouTube video of how to install it the instruction are just to basic


The instructions are basic because the panel requires editing of the PHP to get it to work with servers other than the one is was written for. The instructions will get you close to a panel that you can log into but a lot of the features will be either broken or missing entirely. A Youtube video couldn’t get you through the editing of the code since so much needs to be done to get all features working and the popular frameworks aren’t currently taken into account.

If you’re not comfortable writing PHP, I’d wait until a later version that is supposed to be more modular and user-friendly.