[Release] Admin Announcement with ADMIN premissions ESX/StandAlone


Tittle self explanatory, simple command /announceit, that announce a message to whole server.

I saw in this release, some people asking for the premission in the /announceit command, so i did it…

Resquested: [Release] Admin Announcement



Announce.rar (1.3 KB)

StandAlone, with steamid or license:
announce-noesx.rar (1.6 KB)

I made it /announceit , so it cant be confused with esx /announce

Hope you like!

Detailed Suport:

My Discord

[Release] Admin Announcement
RegisterCommand - Wishing to learn parameters

This is already built in in es_admin.


I know that, but some people have troubles from the first text disappearing in the es command, also i only did the requested in the topic :grin:

In addition i made a standalone version!


That problem exists due to an args problem.


Yes that is true, you could just fix that.


What about the people like me who cant fix that? Cheleber it looks great, can i change the command?


There’s a fix on ESX Discord.


i dont use esx, im on about es_admin2


Still the answer there can fix the args problem with es_admin2 :slight_smile:


Yes the solve is easy, you dont need to go to esx discord…
Just remove this in the beginning of the announce command in es_admin2:

table.remove(args, 1)

Yes you can bro @F3llout_4 , thanks :grin: