[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [Taking Over]


I think, maybe. @Vespura could you clarify?


Hello sry for this but i am new on this site.I just whant to tell u that some plp are spaming servers and it make my PC going crazy becoz there is 100 server with just 1 slot and no players.I hope i didn t bother u much but try and speak with the plp in charge.


Alright guys I found the issue with the flickering/blinking screen. If you have vMenu disable all weather and time options by commenting them out.


vMenu does have weather and time sync, you can disable both of them or only one of them if you want to. (using convars in vMenu’s permissions.cfg)

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Thanks for the port, Also the weather system… Its set to clear on server start etc, Does the weather change at all automatically?


I took the liberty to mess with common\vars.lua, setting crowd and lua to .4. The server started without issue and the traffic seemed to load at the specified rate. No errors have appeared in console either.