[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [Taking Over]


I’ve got an issue too … if I try to slow down time to a value blelow 0.6 time just stops. Between 0.6 an 1.0 timespeed doesen’t seem to change at all and if I speed it up ACL seems to work fine…
Does anyone have an Idea what I can try? I am desperately searching a way to slow down time.


What steam ID does this white list system use? is there a way to change it to SteamID64


Sadly no. Only IP and hexadecimal.


At this time, I have decided to hand over the project to @WestCoastWill. I have thought hard about this and I am sad and disappointed in myself for not releasing anything new for Additional Server Synchronization and ACL.



Stupid question, what does this release do?


This resource synchronizes things within a FiveM server. It syncs the time and weather with all players instead of every player being at a different time and weather state if they wouldn’t use this script. It also controls traffic and many other things. Those are the base things that many users of the script use it for.


Thank you for the response. :smile:


Yep. No problemo. Enjoy the script! :slight_smile: :+1:


How can I change or set the default traffic? Everytime on server restart it changes traffic and crowd to 0



you can set it there but it did not work for me, always have to use /traffic and /crowd commands.

@itsduckyz any plans on building on this further like real dynamic weather and such? Thanks!


Yes. The project has officially been handed over to a development group called WestCoastDevelopment. More information to come! :slight_smile:


This was handed over to itsduckyz in Feb and no work has been done yet?


Sounds great! looking forward to it!


Yo the script is amazing but one prob (im 90% sure is this scripts fault) whenever i type a commend it says Commend ‘something’ entered
and its annoying can some one tell me how to turn it off? (unless im stupid and its not that script)


What exactly does common/“vars.lua”?

Looks like there is place for configuration, but I don’t wanna mess with it, since I don’t know how…


i cant even turn off traffic due to RCON


same problem …


Screen blinking when spawning in


Then you have an other conflicting resource(s). Do you have vSync started?


Nope. Possibly caused by vMenu?