[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [Taking Over]


Broken not able to unzip the file it says its not a real zip file this is what winzip and 7zip told me. the adfly link is broken as well says it cannot find the file.


is there a way to make it so you dont have to add people to this


To what? The whitelist?


Try re-downloading now! Should be fixed!


Thank you. That is something that I am working on right now actually. I have been sick and recently got surgery so I have been behind.


I am getting console errors, and because of that I cannot use any commands. I also get this with my previous non-updated ACL-FX someone made, after FiveM’s latest client update.


What are the errors saying?


This is what the console says:


I don’t receive those on my end. I will look into it! Also, are you running on the newest version of my download?


Yes, I literally downloaded it 6 min after you edited the forum. Accidental Coincidence.
Typically this happens when something or a line is outdated, this happens with my previous one and your latest one. It only started happening after the recent update that screwed a bunch of other things as well.


No problem. Take your time and get well soon.


@itsduckyz I figured out the problem. It was when I recently whitelisted someone that I did not put a comma after the quotations from the person above, that there were two people without commas at the end of the quotations, so it couldn’t find the closing tag correctly.


Good! We all make those mistakes sometimes! :smile:


Immediatly from joining the server the weather was like blinking every 2 seconds, which is really annoying, no errors in console. I changed weather to XMAS and it worked, but still blinking light then darker.

Help would be appreciated.



Do you have any other weather script?


Nope, only a client side mod menu and a server sided one.


What about any other weather scripts other than this one?


Also what server side menu is it. vMenu?


Yes, vMenu.
And no scripts


I have an issue where my time is moving slower than everyone else. What can i do to fix it?