[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [Taking Over]


You can the command entered in the the cmd file.


I second the suggestion of dynamic weather


Please upload the files either directly here or provide a mirror to a direct download, adfly links and/or having to sign up for something is not permitted, download link removed for now.


i agree if it’s under the 5mb limit then you should upload it if it’s over the limit atleast upload it to google drive not some shitty web service like ad.fly or anything like adfly ex: adhoc mediafire etc

my opinion on google drive:
i like google drive because you can click the download without having to close out ads like mediafire

my opinion on mediafire:
I don’t like mediafire because sometimes it will display the same download button but it could be a virus, and mediafire will display ads as soon as you click download! therefore is the reason i like google drive better than mediafire



fix the no trafic :smiley:


You just have to type /traffic 1 in rcon or in-game. Or configure it in the vars.lua file by setting it to 1.


how do i make it save?


Go to ACL-FX\common\vars.lua:6 change after traffic =
Like this: traffic = 1,


ok it worked byt my weather doesnt change :frowning:


Could you please make a github instead of mediafire? It will show changes you have made and we can preview the code before we download it.


It doesn’t change when using /weather or when changing in vars.lua ?


Cannot download. your links are very bad…


1 question pls can i edit it like this

weather = “CLEAR”,“RAIN”,“FOG”, or how to make a weather cycle its always clear :smiley:


Keep it as 1 as that’s the weather it will be on start.


I do not recommend that as it will have trouble syncing due to the server not being used to just one weather or time for a player. If you would like to test, it is up to you. :slight_smile:


Everything works. Try re-downloading. I have been able to get over 200 downloads. There should be no issues.


but is it posible to make a weather cycle or for now not


I am working on trying to get the /freezetime working so it will freeze the time whenever an administration types it in-game. If you would like to edit the code to change the weather cycle, go ahead, but there could be possible issues with that. I have not gone into further testing with that, but I would like to see what happens in the future! Thanks.


I got a suggestion for this script.

  • When the time changes make it so it announces that, same with weather. Could be disabled in a config.