[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [Taking Over]


Any maybe a progressive weather change thing over time that’s configurable like GTA:O rather than suddenly when you do a command. Only a suggestion as I don’t know how well it’d work with the pre-existing weather syncing


I don’t know if I have a conflict with another resource or what but both this and the old version of ACL completely break my server all of a sudden, nobody can join without crashing while ACL is running. We’ve been using ACL for months and months without issues until today, not sure where this issue came from. Literally nothing in my server has changed and this has comepletely stopped functioning


It works fine for others try running it by itself and report back


@itsduckyz I had an issue on my server where we’d have “Ghost cars” when decreasing the traffic variable. Meaning we’d have transparent AI cars driving around and it was terrible. Was this issue resolved in the new release? Also, THANK YOU! for taking over and getting ACL back on its feet.

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may want to remove your discord link :wink: just a pro tip so you are not breaking the release rules.


That issue shouldn’t be with ACL. It could be the ping from users and the syncing of cars within the FiveM server side not the ACL mod.


Thanks @itsduckyz *20characterlimit


Disabled all of my auto start resources, no resources are running besides default fivem resources. Joining into server works fine. Start ACL-FX, everyone that attempts to join loads in then instantly hangs and crashes. No idea what’s going on here

Edit: clean server and clean ACL works… will update if I find the conflict

Edit 2: unexplainably started working, disregard


vSync has that already so im sure its an easy add.


Did you download my version up above?

[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [1.0.6]
[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [1.0.6]

@itsduckyz Is there any way you could add and Area of Patrol command to this script? Where an admin can type /aop Los Santos and it would show up in the top right corner or something?


Yes. I can definitely do that!


I got this problem




Sry didnt rly see im complete day on scripting :frowning:

rly my bad


No you are fine! Everyone makes mistakes!!!


Over 100 downloads guys! Thanks for everything. Expect some updates to come!!!


can you remove the print on command execute and “fix” the time syncing or sort an auto time sync


does vsync not conflict with acl


Vsync will conflict with ACL.