[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [Taking Over]



Hello. Most of you may know @MsQuerade for creating the Additional Server Synchronization and ACL mod. I, NikoK913 or otherwise known as itsduckyz will be taking over the project. I will be providing updates and improving the mainframe of ACL. Within the next couple weeks, I am hoping to accomplish many new advancements in the system. If you have any questions or any recommendations, please respond to this topic and I will try to message back whether it is possible or not. I want to than MsQuerade for giving me this oppurtunity and I hope to meet many new people from this project. Last but not least, I want to thank anyone who has downloaded the project and expect some major updates to come. Now, let me start improving the project right now. Updates will be added below

THIS IS A WORKING COPY OF ACL [Download]http://www.mediafire.com/file/47sl46ka7p5j2zq/ACL-FX_(working).zip)

Here is the original topic for Additional Server Synchronization and ACL.

@MsQuerade - original creator

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[Release] Additional Server Synchronization and ACL [1.0.6]
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This is not a release…

Rather an announcement for a release.

Moved to #development:scripts


Just released ACL working copy.


Alright it’s been fixed by the gods.


lol thanks man! It means alot!


What has been fixed in your release?


It is working officially. I am working on updates. Anything you would like added? I am working on adding code and making it better. I need suggestions.


A option for admins to see when someone is connecting and only admins to see that would be nice


Okay. I will make a trello board for you to add things for suggestions.


Okay that will be good for this


Is the connection que working?

Also - Cheers for taking over the project, your a legend.


That feature is currently not included. I am hoping to include something similar to that in the future. Thank you for all of the support though! :grinning:


Looking forward to it mate, Thanks!


If anyone has any suggestions for future updates that you would like to see in the future, please join the official discord server that is listed in the original post.

Matthew C.
Niko’s Assistant


Please don’t put your discord in the releases page.


Post suggestions down below for me to consider. I am open to anything!


I was thinking of making some improvements but you have taken over so that good. Is the whitelist in and working?


Yes. Everything is working correctly. Let me know if there are any errors. I will try to get them resolved as fast as possible if there are any.


At the moment if you whitelist someone while the server is running you have to restart the resource to make this change which then breaks things like weather and time sync for players.

Would it be possible to have an admin or rcon command to effectively reload the whitelist without restarting the resource and breaking sync if that makes sense?

My thanks to you for continuing on a popular project that many people use :slight_smile:


Yes. I am working on something like that. Thanks for the suggestion!