[Release] Add-On Vehicle Spawn Menu




This time I am releasing a little Menu I made on request.

It allows you to spawn Add-On Vehicles. You just have to add the Spawn Names to the Add-On Vehicles.txt file

Versions below 3.0.0

Once again I am using the GUI Managment from @MrDaGree and once again, thank you :slight_smile:

Version 3.0.0+

Big thanks to @Frazzle for creating NativeUILua.

Some pics


To Open the Menu press the Home / Pos1 Button on your Keyboard.

Here it is:

AddOnVehicleSpawnMenu [3.0.3].rar (8.5 KB) || Github

VirusTotal Scan

  • [Anything before 2.0.0]
    – History
  • [2.0.0]
    – Initial Release
  • [2.1.0]
    – Fixed the Name bug
  • [2.1.1]
    – Fixed the Controls bug (Controller conflict)
  • [2.1.2]
    – Fixed the bug that the menu isn’t opening
  • [2.1.3]
    – Added Admin Check
  • [2.2.0]
    – Added categorization
  • [2.2.1]
    – Added maximum Name Lenght (42 Characters)
    – Added the possibility to disable categorization
  • [3.0.0]
    – Using NativeUILua now (so you have to download and put it into your resource folder if you haven’t already) [Should also fix the performance issue]
    – Added the possibility to create your own category
    – Added the possibility to specify the category for a vehicle
  • [3.0.1]
    – Hotfix #1 for version 3.0.0
  • [3.0.2]
    – Added Add-On Vehicles.txt auto-converting code
    – Minor Fixes
  • [3.0.3]
    – Minor Fixes

You can enable/disable categorization in the Config and on the Settings Page.

(How to) Install the resource
  1. Download it
  2. Extract the content of the Archive into your resource folder
  3. Add start AddOnVehicleSpawnMenu to your server.cfg
  4. Add your Add-On Vehicles to the Add-On Vehicles.txt
  5. Profit
(How to) Use and configure the menu

It is also possible to open the menu settings through keeping the Page Up key pressed and pressing the Home / Pos1 Button on your Keyboard.

You can pre-configure the menu and allow or deny player to open the menu settings by editing the values in the config.lua.

(How to) Add Add-On Vehicles
  1. Open the Add-On Vehicles.txt
  2. Add ONE Vehicle for each line and stick to the template
  3. Save the file
  4. Profit
(How to) Add Admins

If you use ESMode, continue at Step 4

  1. Open the Admins.txt
  2. Add Admins in the given format
  3. Save the Admins.txt
  4. Open the config.lua
  5. Change false to true on Line 24
Line 23		--Change "false" to "true" to disable the Menu for Non-Admins
Line 24		OnlyForAdmins = true
  1. Profit
(How to) Create categories
  • If you want to add custom categories DO NOT edit 0 - 22!!! These are the default categories.
  • To add custom categories look what I did with 23 - 27 (Custom Class 1-5) and do the same by adding new lines!
  1. Open the Categories.lua file
  2. Look what I did with Custom Class 1 - 5
  3. Do the same
  4. Profit
Current Categories
[0] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_0'),	--Compacts
[1] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_1'),	--Sedans
[2] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_2'),	--SUVs
[3] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_3'),	--Coupes
[4] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_4'),	--Muscle
[5] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_5'),	--Sports Classics
[6] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_6'),	--Sports
[7] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_7'),	--Super
[8] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_8'),	--Motorcycles
[9] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_9'),	--Off-road
[10] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_10'),	--Industrial
[11] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_11'),	--Utility
[12] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_12'),	--Vans
[13] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_13'),	--Cycles
[14] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_14'),	--Boats
[15] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_15'),	--Helicopters
[16] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_16'),	--Planes
[17] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_17'),	--Service
[18] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_18'),	--Emergency
[19] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_19'),	--Military
[20] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_20'),	--Commercial
[21] = GetLabelText('VEH_CLASS_21'),	--Trains
[22] = GetLabelText('TRAILER'), 	--Trailers

Like! Found a bug? Any suggestion? Feel free to comment below!

[Viktor's] Car Addon Pack [50 Addon Cars]
Removed-no longer working

hey flatracer how do i install the resource ?

  1. Download it
  2. Extract the content of the Archive into your resource folder
  3. Add start AddOnVehicleSpawnMenu to your server.cfg
  4. Add your Add-On Vehicles to the Add-On Vehicles.txt
  5. Profit


Hi. First well done:D My question i can spawn my addons normal so all working fine there is only one thing. In the menu all vehicle spawn names are “NULL”. So you can spawn them but don´t really know which one you are spawning at moment. Is there a way to also set the carname which shows in the menu?


Thanks for this menu. I have a small suggestion. It would be better if we could categorize the vehicles by brand.


Seeing the exact same thing, if i can edit the names of it, to add it more professional like. I’d be glad to use this source


I will do something about this when I am back from work.


No pics no clicks.



I have no Add-Ons, I can’t make pics :frowning_face:

JK, will add some later


Updated to v2.1.0

  • Fixed the problem with the Names showing as ‘NULL’
  • Added a Picture to the Topic

Download in the First Post!


I love it thank you. Added like 60 replace/addon cars and it works like a charm.


You’re welcome


Thx Flatracer very nice :smiley:


You’re welcome


says server.lue can not load???


InvokeNative: execution failed: type must be object, but is array
Error loading script server/server.lua in resource AddOnVehicleSpawnMenu: Execution of native 000000008e8cc653 in script host failed.
stack traceback:
[C]: in upvalue '_in’
citizen:/scripting/lua/natives_server.lua:190: in function 'PerformHttpRequestInternal’
citizen:/scripting/lua/scheduler.lua:233: in function 'PerformHttpRequest’
server/server.lua:5: in main chunk


Is there any way you could add the ability in the txt file to determine which extras and liveries a vehicle will spawn with? That would be awesome.


Could you please not release something in my thread, thanks :blush:


Sorry, but i can’t create a new topic in releases :frowning:


Create a new thread in the discussion section and flag it to be moved.