[Release] Add-on pack, and a add-on car :)



Credit : https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/mercedes-benz-c63-coupe-amg-add-on-replace
Credit : https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/vanillaworks-extended-pack-add-on-oiv-tuning-liveries-vanillaworks-and-other-modders

I didn’t make this model :slight_smile:

Download C63 AMG:

Download Extended vanilla pack:

Spawn Names
ardent2, barracks4, bfinjection2, biff2, bison4, blista4, bobcat2, bobcat3, bobcat4, bobcatxl2, bobcatxl3, bobcatxl4, bsfugitive, bsgranger, bspony, buffalo4, bulhway, bulhway2, bullet2, bulpolice, bulpolice2, bulpolice3, bulsheriff, burrito6, cartrailer, cogcabrio2, comet4, contender3, contender4, contender5, coqhway, coqhway2, coqpolice, coqpolice2, coqsheriff, coquette5, coquette6, corspeedo, coyote, coyote2, cuban8002, dilettante3, dloader2, dloader3, dominator3, elegy3, emertruk, emertruk2, emperor5, emperor6, es550, euros, executioner, flash, fugitive2, futo3, g6buffalo, g6mesa, gauntlet3, glendale2, greenwood, hellhound, hizoku, hizoku2, hwayuranus, infernus3, infhway, infpolice, infpolice2, issi, juggernaut, kuruma3, longpath, minivan3, moonbeam3, moonbeam4, mule4, mwgresley, mwpremier, mwstanier, panto2, patriot2, patriot3, picador2, picador3, pigalle2, pigalle3, police9, police10, police11, police12, police13, police14, policet2, policet3, ramptruck, rancher2, rancher3, ratloader3, rebel3, roadkiller, rpdcar1, rpdcar2, rpdcar3, rpdcar4, ruiner5, sadler3, sandking3, sandkingxl, sandkingxl2, sheriff4, sheriff5, sheriff6, slamvan4, speedo3, stanier3, stanier4, stanier5, stdstanier, stdstanier2, stockade2, sultanrs2, sultanrs3, sultanrs4, surano2, surfer3, tornado7, warrener2, washington2, yosemite, yosemite2


Nice pack xD on the virus just scan it with any AV software and upload a screenshot of it


Virus scan website: VirusTotal


Files cannot be larger than 256MB on VirusTotal.


ya i got the C63 scanned, i couldn’t scan the pack


Some of the cars/spawn codes don’t work…