[Release] 911Plus | 911 Calls | Panic Button | Posts to Discord (TTS) | Easy Setup!



Download: https://github.com/AjaxTheGod/911Plus

Please feel free to post below some screenshots, and I’ll be sure to incorporate them into the main thread.


Completely free. Credit not needed. Thank you!

Developer looking for work

It’s against the rules to post your discord.


According to who? I see people do it all the time.


Please read and edit your post. He’s been around a while more than you so trust him.


Ah. Alright. I’ll be sure to remove it from the thread. Thanks for the heads up!


Hey mate, I love the script.

The only problem am I am having is when someone makes a /911 call ingame all this error pops up for them

Any way to fix that? Everything else works fine


Does Not work for me followed instructions nothing happened


Never mind im a fucking idiot i forgot to add start in the server.cfg this is why I should get more than 2 hours of sleep


Can you post the error in your console please? Make sure you get the whole error.

Thank you!


Alright, I will first be home later today so I’ll send it there


Alright, thanks for pointing this out!


Do you have a /911 standalone script because if so you will need to remove that, it looks like that to me, due to the stringsplit function.


Do you have to type the location out? Because if so, I can make it so when you do /panic, it automatically gets your location. It just says the road, so if you don’t want it then it’s all good :stuck_out_tongue:


I considered doing that, but I figured I’d release it like this and see if it has enough demand before I do anything further to it.

EDIT: It also allows for postal codes and such. It gives a little more freedom.


Yeh you can just get the street hash, entity coordinates as a variable and then display it in the message.


I completely agree, if you’re using postal codes then I would type it in rather then giving the street. But it’s cool either way :stuck_out_tongue:


Ah, found out I had another 911 script, didn’t see that. Will see if it works when I get home :slight_smile:


Let me know how it goes


That will work, you have a command using /911 to perform the chat stringsplit function, remove that and this /911 will work.


Still gives me a bunch of error code