[Release 3.0] RGB Paint Menu & Neons

A simple menu to change primary and secondary paint based on RGB.
Also can modify neons and do cool neon tricks.

If you have any ideas for neon modes, please suggest them


Updated Screenshots
Main Menu Paint Neons
Main Menu Paint Neons


Place in your resources folder, just like any other NORMAL resource.

How to use
Step 1: Open with F5
Step 2: Use


  • 89% of language support is complete
Old Updates


  • Added a custom neon mode


  • Updated dependencies, changed to using NuGet for CFX, Changed how debug mode works (also removing the menu items) If you want to enable debug mode now (you probably shouldn’t) you just edit the resource.lua.

  • Removed the command menu as it’s not been needed for awhile (kept commands).

  • Probably forgot to note something like always!


  • Select event for all lists, you can now just press on any number list to bring up a box to type in what you want

  • Fixed blue being green and green being blue

Some Docs

+re-write to use dynamic lists
+sub menu for paints, future proofing for a idea :wink:

+a debug toggle to clean up console spam
+submenu for credits & settings

1.1 Cleaned up some stuff I forgot and updated MenuAPI, thanks @Vespura for the update with toggle for controller :heart:

@Vespura - MenuAPI :blue_heart:



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thanks :heart:

Would be great for a Non-Scripthook allowed server

1.2 release
+a debug toggle to clean up console spam
+submenu for credits & settings

Nice resource. Good to see the MenuAPI being used.


https://streamable.com/mr1x4 if the embed fails

just a small update basically

Would anyone like to see a side to side one?

Config file to key binds and EventHandler, if i wanna call this menu from another script.

I intend to add a config for keybind in the future, what exactly do you mean by calling it from another script?

Also if you want to just add the features and make PR, I’ll happily merge it as I’m a bit busy to work on this currently.

I mean like TriggerEvent(‘AlsekRGB:openMenu’). If the car have this tuning I just call this Event and we have a menu weeeeeee :hugs:.

This may seem like a silly question, but would setting paint using this menu save in the database for ESX so when you store a car in the garage and take it out, the neon and paint are the same?

Please report if anything was broken by this update, I don’t believe there would be anything but I can only test on a linux server currently.

Is there any way you could add extra colors (trim, dash) and xenon colors?

You can’t specify RGB for any of those AFAIK.

Today I would like to present this release for Russian communities completely in Russian!
Permissions from the author I also have :relaxed:


Download Russian version!

AlsekRGB.zip (459.1 KB)

Just drag the folder “RGBMenu[Russian]”, remove “[Russian]” from the folder name, drag and drop into the resource folder and add a start in your “CFG”.

Screenshots of the menu in the game.


I think it is easily supported by other languages.
config > file.json. Edit, but do not touch “Main”, “Paint”, “Neon”!

This only works on owned cars correct?
I jumped in a random car and hit F5 and Menu did not come up.
I am guessing it was because I did not own the car.