[Release] 2016 Ford Police Interceptor Utility


Hello FiveM Users. I’ve made a Ford Explorer Police car for you today! I hope to make more for the FiveM people in the future! Beware i’m new to modeling, so. plz no hate m8 k.


General Info

Extra 1 = Lightbar
Extra 2 = Front Interior Lights
Extra 3 = Rear Interior Lights
Extra 4 = Rambar


The Rambar has a slight chrome look to it. I don’t know how to fix it, sorry.
The Handling is messed up. I’m not very good with metas.

How to Install
  1. Download the Resource
  2. Drag and Drop the Resource into your FiveM Server’s Resources
  3. Add tevh to your server.cfg
  4. Run your server!
To Be Added
  1. SideRunners
  2. Rambar Ions

Whelen Legacy by TheHurk
2016 FPIU by TheHurk
Default Skin by TheHurk
Front and Rear Interior Lights by Bueno
Whelen Avenger by EVI
Rambar by Vertex3D
Partition by Unknown
Console by JasonCT203
Putting everything together = Me :blush:

Download is external due to it being to large.
Download has been removed due to the amount of private vehicle leaking and the fact those releases get released with no perms or credits.

Edit 1.0
Changed download link to an already made resource

Edit 1.1
Changed download link to correct resource.(zipped the wrong resource :joy:)

Edit 1.2
Fixed Chrome Rambar.
Updated the Download Link.

Edit 1.3
Added Console
Added Partition - Extra 5
Updated the Download Link.

Edit 1.4
Added Whelen Avenger
Fixed LODs on the Console.


oh damnit forgot the download link gimme 1 minute


But you didn’t model this according to you?


Yes I modeled it all together. I made the lighting pattern. Converted the lights to GTA 5. Just because it says other people made the models doesn’t mean because I put it all together and edit the parts means I didn’t model it.


That’s not modeling…


I would think it is. Since its what everyone does… Think what you want to.


@P_Jackson Direct Modeling really is a whole different process then just putting already made models together but what you are doing is still modeling. I will say if you put it together and created the metas and stuff then good job.

@ArthurMitchell Arguing about it on the release isn’t the correct place to do it. If you feel he has done something wrong either flag the post or take your concerns to a private message.


Very true, I should have just left it at that. I’m not trying to say you didn’t do work @P_Jackson, however, I more so wanted you to know there is a difference in the process.

Good job on the release.


What would you guys call it? So i know for the future?


It is a form of modeling. I was just clarifying there is different types of modeling in the tense that there is a direct modeler and a modeler who uses already made models to create something else.

Not really sure why the comment was even started.

To be honest you did better then what I could do so… :man_shrugging: I write code… I wouldn’t dare step in the field of being any type of modeler…


Non els [20 characters]


Non Els, Yes. I honestly don’t know how to do ELS.


It looks very nice! Too bad it isn’t els my server is changing somethings and we are looking at explorers right now. lol I feel like it should be labeled as “Builder” since there is no actual modeling, out of respect for those who do the tedious work of modeling. But that is my opinion.


Its modeling unless ou do it yourself I dont think you guys understand how much time and work and all the issues and pain we run into doing this


New Update people!

Edit 1.4
Added Whelen Avenger
Fixed LODs on the Console.


Is there a skin template?


Should be included with the file


I’m not seeing it… all I see are the metas and the stream folder


Check the ytd. I don’t remember If I put a skin onto the download verison


There is a skin on the vehicle itself… however I have had to skin over an existing skin before and it’s no fun at all.