[Release][1.0] Vehicle Livery Menu



Nothing special, just a little Menu to change the Vehicle Livery. Based on the GUI Management (Maker) by @MrDaGree, thanks for it

Which can be found here: [Release] GUI Management (Maker) | Mod Menu Style Menus (uhh… ya)

And here is the Menu: VehicleLiveryMenu.rar (2.8 KB)

  • 1.0 – Initial Release

The Menu only opens when you are the driver of a vehicle.
To Open the Menu press the INPUT_SELECT_CHARACTER_FRANKLIN - Key, by default F6

Like! Found a bug? Any suggestion? Feel free to comment below!

[Release] Vehicle Extra Menu
Police Car Multi Livery
Delete me 4

Anyone else able to get this to work? It merely lags like crazy, and only shows me how many liveries the vehicle has. It doesn’t give me the option to change the livery. Any suggestions?


anyway you can intgrate the vehicles extras to this menu and ability to change the default key ?


Hello guys, maybe its a simple task for some of you but I am learning as I go along so help a noob out lol

I am trying to change the key binding for this amazing script to have it be both LCtrl+6, can I do that and if so how? Thank you.


simple task and all of it in a menu, you better make just a command


Can you elaborate a little more please? Thank you