[Release][1.0] Better Flying




All this handling line does is modify the Airplane turning and removes turbulence from all air vehicles.

I have always been bothered in GTA the planes do not turn correctly. They can actually turn on a dime due to independent braking. This fixes that.

How to install:
1. Download the ZIP
2. Unzip it to somewhere
3. Take the folder and drop it in your resources folder
4. Add this to server.cfg:
"start betterflying" without the quotes

What does it look like though? Well like this:


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Yes this is OC not someone else’s work


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Looking good man, cant wait to start using it!:smiley:


the video doesnt work



Does this still work because I cant get it working.


Still works on my end


maybe I installed it wrong.is it supposed to have the"-master" in it or do I need to take it out.


Take that out

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ok Ill try that now
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It still does not seem to work?


Can you take me through the install because maybe I did it wrong?


Hello can you walk me through an install because I have tried numerous times and it still will not work.