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Server IP:

Server Framework: Essentialmode and ES_Extended with MySQL Database Storing

EST: 2017 by Cyrus Taylor

Current Openings:

★★ REKT Server ★★

Los Santos Police Department 👮
* Sub-Divisions *
🔹 SWAT 🛠
🔹 Gang Unit 🛠
🔹 Highway and Motorcycle Unit 🛠

Los Santos Fire Department 🚒
* Sub-Divisions *
🔹 EMT / Paramedic
🔹 Firefighter
🔹 Special Operations

Los Santos Civilians
🔹 Daily commuter
🔹 Criminal
🔹 Gang life
🔹 Assassin / Hitman - ⛔️ Upon Approval ⛔️

★★ Closing Statement ★★

To build a community we have to act like a community. Anyone can say they want to build one but not everyone can follow through with it. Why? because when it comes down to it everyone thinks of one thing, new. It's not a new thing and you can't recreate something that's already there. You make a community for the purpose of sharing, playing, laughing and creating experiences with one another. Things we all have in common interests. So, that's enough of me chatting! Stop on by and check it out if you want!

Welcome to the Family!