Ability to refresh your server list, doesnt seem too difficult :thinking:


For right now you can just switch tabs. (ex: switch from the server list to direct connect and then back to server list)


The serverlist really doesn’t need a refresh button, because it’d just spam requests to get the serverlist again (which only updates every so often). Simply re-downloading the same json file over and over again is pointless, considering a refresh button will just be spammed by a lot of people. Just switch tabs if you really want to download the serverlist again. But remember, it won’t be “fresh” every time you switch tabs.


a couple times, my friends and i would be trying to go to the server list, and nothing would pop up, until like 10 minutes later. imo its a good idea. it’s not up to me.


and if you refreshed nothing would change… That’s not fivem that’s your friends internet